Sunday, August 21, 2016


Norm's Notes 21.

Today I have mostly been painting the shed.

XOXO Norm.


  1. Good to see you are working hard, but careful not to over do it. Was wondering...where the googles to use in the Olympic swimming events???

  2. Well done for taking 'elf and safety' precautions. Afraid 'ginger' coloured fences and sheds are a particular pet hate for me!! Sorry.

  3. Well done Norm keep up the good work.

  4. Looks like you are doing a good job of the painting Norm,well done, Kate x

  5. Looks good Norm, but why are you wearing swimming glasses???
    xxx Margreet

  6. Norm you're doing a grand job there, pity mine has been repainted this year or I would have employed your services too.
    Enjoy the sunshine with Mrs A.

    Hugs Erika. x

  7. Hi Norm,
    my you are at the work again so soon after your little break.
    That Mrs A is a hard task master by the look of it.
    Good job my hubby doesn't know how good you are at these jobs or he would be asking you to paint ours, and we have 2 sheds.
    Good idea the goggles as you don't want any accidents with your precious eyes.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. Hubby (who is Greg's Garden Sheds in Chorley) says, do you want a job Norm? Cara x

  9. Looks like you are almost finished and it is looking good. Glad to see you are wearing your safety glasses for protection.

  10. Good to see you working again Norm. Hope Sammy is having a nice restful day while you are painting. Hope the swimming goggles aren't in preparation for a dip in the pond with the newts. That one might not be a good idea!

  11. You are a great worker, Norm! Wearing glasses is fine, but the frames are a bit strange...They seem swimming glasses!

  12. Nice to see you are taking more care after the last accident Norm, no paint in your eyes
    Kevin xx

  13. Nice of you to crack on with the chores, so Mrs A can create her wonderful cards :) xxx

  14. Good job ! Well done !

  15. That Mrs A seems to be a hard taskmaster Norm! Or are you doing the bottom few inches while she does all the rest? If so, I'd advise you to carry your umbrella as well.


    Di xx


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