Saturday, August 13, 2016

Daisy Chains.

Norm's Notes 13.

Today Sammy has mostly been making daisy chains.

XOXO Norm.


  1. Long time since I made a daisy chain but there are plenty of daisies on the lawn!!

  2. Such a lovely day Sammy must have had today making those cute daisy chains x

  3. She's not for nothing a girl, Norm! When I was a little girl I used to make daisy chains too!
    xxx Margreet

  4. That brings back alot of memories! Sitting on the lawn making daisy chains. Nice for you to have a relaxing day after all that work in the garden yesterday Sammy. What's Norm been up to - sleeping in the hammock again?

  5. Sammy is a romantic monkey-girl! I'm sure she has fun!
    .... And Norm where has gone?

  6. awww Sammy you look so pretty - and the daisy chains are fabulous xx

  7. What a lovely thing to do Sammy and you look so pretty wearing them,Kate x

  8. Love daisy chains and used to spend hours and hours making them as a little girl. Happy memories Sammy!


    Di xx

  9. I can remember my sisters collecting daisies and sitting making necklaces
    Kevin xx

  10. Hi Sammy,
    you look so pretty with you lovely daisy chains.
    This takes me back to when I was a child and making daisy chains.
    I love earings and am very rarely seen without a pair in my ears. I used to put the daisy chains around my ears as earings.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. Oh Sammy, you look good in pink and you are so good at making daisy chains. What a lovely thing to do. Norm, I don't want you to get your feelings hurt because you aren't allowed in Mum's craft room. Us stampers are pretty particular about our "stuff" and wouldn't let anyone else come in and mess with our stamps and inks. You are doing fine keeping busy outside.

  12. Oooh what a fab memory l used to love doing those daisy chains infact l could still do them they pop up in my garden oh so annoying though!! your sitting sooooo pretty! xx


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