Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Looking for Fireflies.

Norm's Notes 9.

Last night we were mostly searching  for Fireflies!.

(Had you have been in the garden with them last night
you would have heard the following conversation.)

"It's very spooky out here Norm.
Are you sure were alone?
What was that noise?"

(Cue the lights)

"Did you see any Norm?
No. Did you?
No. I think I heard a cat though"

"Lets go back inside"

XOXO Norm.


Di said...

Oh good grief! What a couple of scaredy cats! Anyone knows that puddy tats don't eat 'minkeys' - or do they?! Whatever - we're not coming out hunting with you after dark!

Mind you, if you do have fireflies that'd be a first for us so maybe we'd come on over to take a peek - from inside the house!


Hank and Marvin

Margreet said...

They really are 2 'heroes'☺☺
Love your bloglayout!
xxx Margreet

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Ah ah ah!!! Norm is very brave! :D
Great shots, Mrs A.! :)

MaryH said...

What memories this post brings back. We used to catch fireflies (we call them lightnin' bugs round here)...in a jar with a top that had holes in it. Watch them light up for a bit, then release. When it's not so stifling, we will sit out in the swing after dark, with something cold to drink, and watch the lights sparkle in our yard and the neighbors. Not so many as it used to be, we think. TFS & Hugs. (And yes, Norm is pretty brave.)

AlisonC said...

This reminds me of a time I went out with some friends up a local hill. It was so dark we couldn't see a thing. We were running scared all the way down again. How old were we? 'Bout 19!
So don't listen to auntie Di, it's easy to get scared in the dark.

Suze said...

What a great adventure. Pity you didn't see any fireflies though.

Di said...

Wanna know a secret? I'm actually scared of the dark and even take a little plug in night light with me when I go away from home! x

Createology said...

Such fun adventures.

cuilliesocks said...

Well done you two going out into the dark, it would have been pretty chilly too, pity about the fireflies, maybe another time Norm, Kate x

AlisonC said...

Well, you are very brave girl too, for admitting it!

AlisonC said...

Well, you are very brave girl too, for admitting it!

Cara said...

Hilarious! Cara x