Monday, December 23, 2013

Total Mayhem!!

The partridge has now been detained for causing a breach of the peace.
From the sounds in the loft The doves are on their honeymoon.
The French hens are now talking Double Dutch.
The Calling Birds now have pod casts going out to  several countries.
The Geese have pulled out of the panto after they saw the size of the egg one of them had to Lay!
The Swans are bickering over who plays the lead in Swan Lake after they discovered who dies!
The Maids have all been pulled off milking duties to attend to the Lords and Ladies needs.
The ladies are dancing and the Lords are  a leaping about the Lounge
to the noisy tune The Pipers are playing
And I have just heard that a bus load of Drummers are arriving at any moment!
I'm going to lie down in a very dark room until it is all over.


Merry said...

You crack me up….this is so funny and I have wild images dancing in my head. Merry Christmas

Kathleen said...

I have loved these tales, thank you.

Kath x

Maggie said...

Rofl Brilliant!

Bonnie said...


Faye Wynn-Jones said...

Best take a drinkiepoo with you xx

Greta said...

Dark, quiet room makes sense & maybe a bottle of Advil!

Sandra H said...

Absolutely brilliant Mrs A xx