Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Egg Nog?????

I haven't got time to make Egg  Nog!!
It's total chaos here.
The Partridge has just informed me he doesn't like pears.
The Doves kept me awake last night with all their cooing.
The French Hens keep babbling away in a foreign tongue.
The Colly birds won't stop calling.
I have just had to go and round up the geese again.
(Anybody got a sheep dog I could borrow?)
As for  the The Swans
They keep eyeing up my nicely redecorated lounge wall!!
And The Whimps is having a nervous breakdown behind the washing machine.
Whose brilliant idea was this anyway.


Createology said...

I am certain this is one of those time when one must laugh to avoid crying. Your post has me laughing. This is a chaotic time of year and one we need to enjoy not stress about. Peace and Joy Dear...

Sandra H said...

Oh Mrs A .....lol your blog is always a welcome for me to visit and this is just so amusing your totally up my street with your posts take care xx

Brenda in IN said...

That's why there are no more than 12 days. No one could stand more! This is a hoot! Maybe cut the song down to 6 days of Christmas?

Bonnie said...

Are you getting stressed! I'll bring over some mulled wine. I think you could use it!

cm said...

Mrs. A - your warm comment on my Joy tags brought me here to thank you (THANK YOU!!), and oh my goodness: treasure discovered! You are a delight! This post - yes, Christmas chaos well captured - and your self-imposed, "I make the rules" 12 Days of Christmas cards = brilliant! They are all lovely! I wish I had a NOEL die; the ones I used are from WPlus9 - a last year's model - featuring hope, joy & peace, along with a darling snowflake and heart. Did you see, however, the lovely Noel stamp from Penny Black ( http://www.simonsaysstampblog.com/blog/penny-black-ornamental-noel/) It's on my must have list! Sorry...babbled too much! Your visit = sparkles to my day!

MaryH said...

Tee hee hee! Very funny. Didn't know you were the one supplying that 'nog at the Playground. I hope I didn't miss my serving! Thanks for a chuckle tonight. Hope you're not overdoing- and that your back is all better by now. I just gotta ask: What did you & Miss get up to, that both of you got your backs outta whack? Hmmmmm????Anyhoo, hope it is better or greatly improved. Hugs

Carol L said...

Bwahahaha!! Christmas chaos seems to surround you, but I do well in the midst of chaos, so I'm in :)

Di said...

Got the giggles here Mrs A! Why do we do it? Your house is gonna be full by the twelfth day - remember, them maids will be bringing cows to milk!

Frantically thinking of cards to make for the little ones in Germany right now - so not on the laptop much, but I is still here :)

Hugs, Di xx

MagsB said...

You've summed up the chaos of Christmas preparations brilliantly - my face hurts, I've been laughing so much! Thank you!!

Also - egg-nog? Nah, I'll stick with gin!!

love Mags B x

Greta said...

You just crack me up! Creative & clever to the max!