Saturday, December 21, 2013

Full House.

The Partridge has spotted the dog walkers and has moved into the large elm overlooking the park.
The Doves have gone suspiciously quiet up in the loft.
The French hens are arguing in the bedroom as to which language to use.
The calling birds are busy making 'Pod Casts' in the spare room.
The Geese are in the dinning room auditioning for the local pantomime 'Mother Goose'.
The Swans are in the lounge rehearsing  with the dancers for  'Swan Lake'.
The neighbours are complaining of the noise coming from the garden cow shed.
Just had The House of Lords make a reservation for 10 of them for dinner!
Heck. Do you think I need to go and buy a hat?
If anybody wants me
I'm in the kitchen knocking back anything in a bottle!


Busy Little Chicken said...

Hahaha, you do make me laugh!! Enjoy what ever tipple you find in the kitchen!! : )

Zue said...

I think one of the milkmaids will be Mother Goose but the swans will all be in Swan Lake.

Who will be Widow Twanky:))) ?

Very amusing! Is someone getting married?
Have fun in the kitchen and while you're on the booze, make the Christmas trifle whilst you are at it!

Merry said...

Too funny and so very clever. :-)

Kathleen said...


Kath x

CathyC said...

LOL - am loving reading these :)

Sandra H said...

Oh brilliant your a cracker can l share your bottle too lol that'll be milk then from the as if!! xx

Di said...

'oooer, I just almost wet myself laughing!! Can just visualise it - and I thought it was me that was barking!

Hugs, Di xx

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

I think you better crack open some of that wine you bought the other day... xx

Brenda in IN said...

This is so clever. Gives me my laugh for the morning!

MaryH said...

Tee hee, can't I share that bottle of something good? Sounds like some fun. TFS the big laugh this afternoon. Hugs

Greta said...

Oh you are so clever & make me laugh!