Thursday, March 31, 2011


The Make it Monthly March theme over at The Felt Fairy was to make your very own Stanley Kidston from the pattern that Annie very kindly provided. Monkey downloaded it for me and so here is my version of Stanley attempting to strike the same pose as in the picture. Rather a handsome chappie I think complete with his rhinestone collar. (Sherry if you look closely at his collar it may look a little fishy to you!!)

Tried to post this yesterday but my computer was having none of it and booted me off the web so I couldn't go and visit any WOYWW's or followers. Most frustrating as I do like seeing what everyone else in blogland is up too. (Being a snoopy snout as The Doc would put it).


  1. what a darling Stanley, Mrs. A....wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    xxx Margreet

  2. Yes, I do of course recognise it! I was only this morning stroking my fish - lol.

    Stanley looks such a spiffing fellow and I love the rhinestones in his collar. I'm so imressed he's standing upright. I'm sure if I attempted to make him he'd have one leg lifted off the ground and not because he'd been caught short either!

  3. Oh hes gorgeous I've got some felt ready to have a go at a stanley but my mojo has gone awol at the moment but I'll be good to go when its back xx

  4. Am intrigued with your range of craft - will be following you - especially love working with felt. X for Monkey. Nancy

  5. I only just came to visit your blog (had a bad couple of weeks busywise and am trying to catch up!) What wonderful stuff you have! I'm intrigued with the felt kitty, will have to look more at that! :) Love your stuff so far. Thank you for your visit.


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