Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Which bag? You choose!

I need your help fellow bloggers!

The March Artful Bag Challenge over at Frosted Petunias is to take an actual bag this time and Embellish it into something fabulous. Now not having any plain bags in my closet( me do plain!) I have toddled off to the local charity shop and come back with three bags. I have ideas for all the bags but am throwing it over to you all to chose which one I embellish. So come on let your fingers do the talking and leave a comment here on this post telling me which one . You have until Friday 11th March 23.00hrs(GMT) to cast your vote.
I will then be publishing which bag I am doing.
After I have entered the altered bag into the challenge it will then go up on this blog for grabs.

The choices are:
green/cream straw bag. (Has plastic liner which will be replaced with something much nicer)
Cream satin clutch bag. (Has 5 inner pockets. One with a fully working zipper)
Blue demin bag. (Has 1 inner fully working zipper pocket.) Embellished at the mo with sequins on the tab which are coming straight off.

Remember you are not voting for the one you like the most but the one you would like to see embellished the most.


  1. Hello Mrs A. Well, this is a difficult one, but my choice after some thought is the BLUE DENIM BAG. I just know that whichever is chosen, it will turn out fantastic. Good luck.
    Lots of love, Sandra xxx

  2. I think I'd go for the most difficult one to embellish and choose the clutch - look forward to seeing the result!
    Jenni x

  3. i say the green bag. it could look great for summer

  4. I think you could do with a challenge!!! the green and denim look far to easy :-) so the cream one can't wait to see what you come up with xx

  5. Yes, I say the green one, it sort of jumped out at me first! It says embellish me coz I'm already the prettiest!!

  6. I'd like to see you do the denim bag!

  7. I want to say the green and cream straw one as that's the one I like the best - but that's against the rules, so I say the one I least like and see what you can do with it - so my choice is the cream satin clutch bag.

  8. The cream one is my choice but I have problems choosing anything so the green or the denim too! lol!

  9. I think the denim bag as well. Will show up colours really well.

  10. I like the denim bag and can envision lovely studded gemstones in some fab pattern - I would love to see that one all adorned. :-)

  11. difficult choice....but I would love to see how you alter the green one.....
    xxx Margreet

  12. Oh gosh! I'd love to see all three done up!!!! I love the idea of the straw one but my vote will have to be for the denim. I see them all the time but would LOVE to see your version of one.

  13. wow fancy you noticing my little wooden troughs! These will be window boxes for my dolls house anitque shop, will post a pic when I get around to making them, thanks for visiting x

  14. A late vote for the cream. More space to work with!



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