Monday, March 07, 2011

Blast from the past!

The doc and I have sadly been going through my FIL's house but every so often we have come across some gems and pearls (figureatively speaking). This is one of them.

I made this evening bag for my then future mother in law in 1969!!
We found it carefully wrapped up in tissue paper and placed in a fancy hankerchief box (not the box I gave it in) wrapped inside a plastic bag in a chest of drawers. When I opened it up it still smelt of her perfume (another sad moment) as there was a cotton wool ball in the bottom of the bag which had been sprayed with it. The linning is made from cream crepe and though a little brown in places from age is still in very good condition.
I still have a little strip of that gold edging that I used (in my stash) and over the years have racked my brains trying to think what I had used the rest on. Now I Know!!! The bag is made from crimplene (a very fasionable material in the sixtys as it didn't crease) and is from a dress that was made shorter. Off cuts always came my way.
We have found various other bits and bobs some of which I will post up about at a later date.
Just don't mention plastic bags!!!!!!!!


Jan said...

Always a sad process.... but what a lovely story about the little bag.Your mother in law obviously treasured it ... and it's now returned home.

oneoff said...

How lovely to know how much it has been treasured. It is bittersweet to be going through this process - memories are powerful: good and yet painful. Perfume is so very evocative too.

Big hugs, Mrs A, and thanks for sharing this.

Fiona said... nice to find that little bag...some memories to treasure forever. I remember my mum buying clothes made from crimpolene...was that the kind that sparked if you rubbed 2 pieces together or was that nylon??

I got the little flower die on ebay as it was out of stock on the MFT website.


Unknown said...

What a gorgeous little bag Mrs. A. It has really stood the test of time. It goes to show that if we take care of our things they can really be pretty and cherished for a long time.

Ali said...

Oh thats lovely and it must have made you smile knowing that your mil looked after it - enjoy your memories xx

Angela Weimer said...

What a special find and with nice memories attached. I remember going through my Moms house. We had so many flashbacks from items we found. It was a sad and happy experience at the same time. I wish you the best with the process and just try to cherish all those good memories. Take care. Angela

Unknown said...

How lovely that she had put it away so carefully - she clearly treasured it

Jo in TAS said...

Oh that's gorgeous! It must have been a lovely surprise to discover that it had been kept and in good condition too. hee Hee, it's as old as me!

Do What You Love said...

(((Hugs)) Mrs. A., it is always that difficult part of going through things. I had to when my parents passed and SHE kept all the things I made for her which sent me down memory lane, smiling one minute, crying the next. My heart goes out to you dear lady. What a beautiful bag! So you were an expert even back then! I'm so jealous - I wish I had your talent! How lovely that your MIL had kept it and treasured it so. So many memories....Take care.

Annette Bowes said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of your FIL. Gorgeous bag, you are super talented! How well it has kept to. Just catching up, you have made the most beautiful ATC's for Angela and love the cheesecake, look forward to seeing some holes in your shrink plastic creations, take careX:)

Zue said...

How sad! But how wonderful to know how much your mother-in-law valued your little gift to her. Isn't it amazing how long perfume lasts for? Clever you also...I could not make a bag like that, from scratch.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Sue xx
Sue xxx

Sherry said...

Your beautiful bag must have been treasured by your MIL to have been stored so lovingly. How bittersweet finding the cotton wool with the the perfume, but it must all bring back some lovely memories for you both x

Margreet said...

that is one of the most difficult wonderful how she charished your's a gorgeous one!
xxx Margreet