Friday, March 04, 2011

Mini Fabric Collage.

At the beginning of the year I joined the Swap for all Seasons mini fabric collage swap.
The idea was to make a mini fabric collage 5" x 7" in a style and colour that you knew your partner would like from the information given to you . My partner was Angela from Pages by the Sea. I found that her favourite colours were blues and greens, sea colours being her favourites. Angela also liked lace, beads, ribbons buttons and has a love of birds and animals.
So armed with all this information I collected all the necessary from my stash.

I then set about playing with all the various bits and bobs until a layout I was happy with what evolved. This is the first one that I came up with but having loads of bits left over I started playing around with another blank canvas and made also made the one below.

Now I was in a dilema as I just didn't know which one Angela would like the most so in the end I sent them both off to her.Luckily both were liked but now Angela dosen't know which she likes the best!!

Backs of both collages showing the buterfly details. One from material and the other stamped on.


  1. wow Mrs A...stunning make it look so easy but I know it's not!! Love the colours, I love blues and greens together too. I'm sure angela will love these.


  2. Wow, they are both beautiful!! Stunning colours!! Love the elements that you have used :)
    Lucky Angela!

  3. wow...I wouldn't be able to pick my fave either..they are both stunning xx

  4. Just gorgeous...these are really my cup of tea!

    I love creating with fabric...I like the lace you have used, I have some similar.... looks quite old, doesn't it?

    Sue xx

  5. Ohh, lucky, lucky Angela! I see you've got over your phobia of leaving the ends of cotton hanging - lol.

  6. Mrs. A., you're delightful having the sense to take information from a person such as favorite colors and likes of this or that and come up with a fabulous design as you've done here. It is just gorgeous. No wonder Angela can't decide which she likes best - it's wonderful work! I bet she's glad you sent both! :-)

  7. They are both lovely! Lucky Angela!

  8. they are both lovely Mrs. A.....but I think I love the 2nd one slightly more????....I'm glad I didn't have to choose!
    xxx Margreet

  9. Wow!! they are fab I think the second is my favourite and the attention to detail on both the front & back - fab!!


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