Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sneaky peek time.

I have been busy this week making this. Sorry. I can't show you any more at the moment because it needs to get to its new home first. Lets just say full of Eastern Promise.


Do What You Love said...

Mmmmm...this looks gorgeous - that material, which I imagine has the Eastern promise - Indian fabric? A magic carpet? I'm on pins and needles wanting to see, Mrs. A.

Margreet said...

you make me so curious with this sneak peek...there's someone else who's doing that with her cards all the time....I think you know who I
xxx Margreet

Mrs A. said...

Material is not from India but a little closer to home. It is real silk though and nearly 40yrs old. I will tell the whole story when I reveal.

Faye said...

oh, oh, oh, I know this one, daughter's priviledges and all that!! xxx

Terry said...

Mmmm Mrs A. I don't have the faintest idea what it is...but I am very curious hihihi so hope it will be at its new owner real soon.....but I think you're daughter is just the way you are hihihi ohhh let's hope it is going to be soon hihihih
Hugs Terry xxx

Jo said...

O....M....G!!!! It's me! it's me!! :)
Postie just been, Oh Mrs A you really are THE BEST! it's absolutely stunning, the fabric is gorgeous, must have taken you ages, theres so much work gone into it and I am blown away and completely in awe of your skills with a sewing machine *bows down in respect*
A huge thank you & a great big hug, I love it xx

ps: will type a post on my blog later, haven't got time now as I'm just about to go out the door, but couldn't leave without saying thank you to you :)

Love, Jo xx

jackie said...

Just to let you know that I have just put a link on to your blog.