Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet Anna.

Say Hello to Anna. This is a Victorian rag doll that I made for my daugther one Birthday (I'm not allowed to tell which one).
She has come down out of the loft especially for a photo shoot. A good soak in the bath and freshly washed and ironed clothes does wonders for a girl!

When my daughters freinds saw her they all wanted one, so as their Birthdays came round they each got one made to their chosen name and dress colours. I think I ended up making about a dozen in total . A couple of grannies requested her too.
I have just downloaded some e-patterns for Raggedy Ann
dolls. These are a different style to a Victorian doll (which is
very precise) and the technique is completely different too.
For a start you spray the dolls with instant tea after they are
made to age them. I shall have some fun making them.


Faye said...

Well look at that that, I turn away for five minutes and suddenly you've got orders for choklit pin cushions! I forgot how pretty Anna is! xxx

blackdragon said...

Anna is beautiful.... i wish i was clever enough to make dolls... your no sew box is to die for and the pin cushions are so sweet.
I am on the same Rak club as your daughter... why dont you come and join us?
Hugs lynx

Penni said...

Wow Anna is beautiful!!!!


☼ Cheryl* said...

Shes beautiful! I like the sound of the victorian doll. I hope that it turns out well :)xxxxxx

Margreet said...

what a lovely Anne......besides I love the diversity of your're a very skilful lady!!!!
xxx Margreet

Jo said...

You're SO talented! and I am SO envious!
my sewing machine hates me and I can't sew by hand very good either :(
Anna is lovely and I can see why you were asked to make lots more.

Have a fab holiday!
Jo xx

Do What You Love said...

My, this takes me back to when I would crochet dolls for my mom and sew clothes on them. Making the hair was tedious but it was for my mom and mothers have to have anything they wish. How sweet of you that you made these for Fluff! What a wonderful keepsake and how lucky were those little kiddies when their birthdays came around! I do love dolls so. I think I'll have to break out the sewing machine now and make myself one. :P