Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eyelet stitch project

I have been to the Textile Colour and Stitch class this afternoon. I took along my finished silk rod
bag and WOO HOO they want to upload pictures of it onto their Web site in order to promote awareness of the workshops that they run.

Below is the the next project using Eyelet stitch along with different textured materials to build up a fabric picture. Again I have set myself 3 criteria. They are:

1. Not to be a bag this time

2. Not to keep the finished item

3. Not to buy any extra embellishments just use up more of my stash.

Already Flo is giving me some ideas so I shall go along with her as it worked last time!


jackie said...

Thanks for posting your work - I'm pleased you had a good afternoon. I will put on a link to you at some point.


Faye said...

Woo-hoo! Get you! You're gonna be a published crafter! Of course! xxx

Do What You Love said...

Oooh...isn't that gorgeous - just the right colors - can't wait to see your beautiful creation! Congrats on getting published, you talented darling woman, Mrs. A. I love reading your criteria - I should have some when I buy crafting instead of being so excited like a kid in a candy shop. :-)

Unknown said...

Yay - you're going to be famous :-) Please let us know the link when it has been published, so we can go and take a look xx