Monday, March 22, 2010

Finished Silk Carrier Rods.

Remember the silk carrier rods project?
As soon as I brought the material home from class I knew I wanted to make a bag of some kind from it though I set myself 3 criteria for completing it.

They were:

1. The design of the bag would have to fit round the panel.
2. The bag had to serve a purpose and be useful.
3. I would only use material and notions that I already had and not buy anything extra.

This design is a version of a pattern by Bronwyn Hayes from her Flowerbed book. I do not have the pattern and have only seen a picture of one made on another blog so this is my interpretation of it.

Now I have a place to put all my crochet hooks/crochet cottons and embriodery needles/threads. By using the silk rod panel for the front of the bag I just sized the rest of it to match. Best of all I did only use stuff from my stash. So here it is.

Front view showing the silk rod panel and the added embriodery details:

Side view showing the inset bag which is stitched to the base:

And opened up flat to show the drawstring bag inset housing all my crochet cottons and the
pockets for embrioderythreads /needles and crochet hooks:

My next class is on Wednesday so stay tuned!!


Do What You Love said...

Mrs. A., this is stunning! I love what you have done - I'm such a "bag" lady as it is and this is a sight to behold - pure beauty! You really know how to work a sewing machine - I am just so envious! What a gift you have! This is so practical and you met your criteria. If King Mufasa saw that you set criteria for making a project, he'd be looking at me wondering why I don't do that. HAHAHAHA He doesn't read - just looks at the pictures, so I'm safe. :P So, I'm not sure how to rid those lines but look at your previous posts and see how they pan out in draft form - something is different. Are you in "compose" mode or "html"?

Faye said...

It is beautiful Mummy! xxx

Mrs A. said...

P.S. We need to chat about uploading photo's! x

Unknown said...

Really beautiful - you are a very talented lady. I can see where Faye gets her creativity from.

Unknown said...

Wow - just amazing, such a stunning bag. I love the little details inside.
Georgie xx