Friday, March 12, 2010

Treasure chest

This is a fabulous tapestry chest we have just
bought. It now houses some of my shoes but not all of them and some of my bags but not all of them! Just how many of them I'm not saying but a girl can never have too many shoes or bags. Personally I can't leave the house unless everything is matching right down to the last detail.


  1. Hi Mrs A,

    Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog, I could not reply direct to your email because it is set as 'no reply'. The redwork lady is 10076 in the cottages section.

    It is really easy to stitch, enjoy!

    Lynn B

  2. Mrs. A, I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous tapestry chest. I hold onto some very old luggage (bought it a the swap meet some many years ago) -- Gloria Vanderbilt (yeah, that old) but its beautiful tapestry. You're so right, a girl can't be without too many shoes and purses. I must show this post to King Mufasa as he just doesn't get it! And yes, one must never leave the house without matching from top to bottom - this includes all accessories. You're such a divine goddess!! :P

  3. You can just imagine a very wealthy lady travelling with this chest - and it probably contained hats then too x

  4. I love this chest and more importantly the stash I know you've got in it! xxx

  5. Hello Mrs A,
    Your lovely daughter suggested I pay you a visit & WOW, what fabulous taste you have. Your creations are wonderful I especially love your felt 'choklit' & felt flowers. They are gorgeous. Sorry about your allium, I love them. Yours was stunning. I hope you can replace it.
    Have a lovely holiday, make sure everyone follows YOUR rules, not theirs!!

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  7. Oepsss sorry Mrs A. I clicked the wrong button.....I became a follower cause I think you have made some beautifull creations wowwww....and the big suitcase is just soooo wonderfull ....
    Thanks for sharing you're loveley creations and I will come more often to pay you a visit. Hugs Terry
    Ps...and I know you're lovely daughter iihih....


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