Saturday, March 20, 2010

Origami Boxes

Welcome to my new style blog done by the very
Lovely Jo from Siggi Shop. I just love it. Now I
feel like a proper blogger. Thanks so much Jo.

Have been busy today finnishing the lids for two Origami boxes I made before going on holiday. I used an old roll of wallpaper which was the inspiration for the blog pattern.


  1. It's beautiful, really beautiful. xxx

  2. Hi Mrs A!
    What a wealth of creative talent you have. Is there nothing you can't turn your hand to? Where did you find the inspiration for these? They look amazing. Love the new look blog too. Lovely & fresh for Spring!
    Hope you had a good holiday & everyone obeyed your rules!
    Andie xx

  3. Hiya Mrs. A. first of all thanks so much for you're very sweet comment on my blog...and I must say you're blog looks soo beautifull wowie...yep our Jo is so wonderfull with decorating wow....And wow Mrs. A. what a wonderfull and colorfull boxes you have
    Just wonderfull .
    Hugs Terry

  4. Ooooh, Mrs. A -- I'm loving this new blog background. These fresh colors and "origami" inspired wording is fabulous. Your origami box is absolutely divine. I've tried to do this and failed miserably so it is a joy to see such a beautiful creation. The paper is absolutely fantastic! I hope you all have a great holiday; can't wait to see photos and hear the fun details! ;D

  5. I love your new blog look - it is fabulous. Hope you had a great time on your holidays and your grandsons didn't wear you out.
    Georgie xx


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