Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Turkish Delight.

Ok. I can remove the paper now and reveal whats underneath. So glad you like it Jo. The material as I said is nearly 40 yrs old. Before we got married my soon to be M in L gave me 7 pieces of beautiful real silk remnants. She worked in a clothes factory and would often bring home end of line remnants or faulty seconds. Over the years this continued and I made various items for the children from the materials but always carefully putting the silk back thinking that one day I would use it. Well the children grew up and I would still get the silk out from time to time and just look at it, feel it and enjoy it. Then I bought a book on Embriodered Boxes by Janet Edmonds and suddenly those pieces of silk took on a new meaning. Mum is no longer with us but I bet she is reading my blog so thankyou Joyce. Enjoy.


Myra said...

Wow! That is gorgeous and what a lovely story.

Unknown said...

This is beautiful..but now I want some turkish delight lol!!

Really it is stunning xx

Do What You Love said...

What a gorgeous piece, Mrs. A. I love reading the story and what a keepsake. The material is absolutely stunning and your embroidery is just incredible. Your talent is extremely inspiring and boy do I wish I had continued to do some embroidery. I'll have to find some time as it does relax me a bit. Thanks for sharing this!

Jo said...

A lovely story :)
How lucky am I to have this gorgeous turkish purse made with this stunning fabric that you treasured for all those years. THANK YOU! xx

Margreet said...

wow Mrs A........amazing Turkish purse you made...our Jo is a lucky dog!!!!
xxx Margreet

Unknown said...

your making me feel hungry all this talk of Turkish delight lol
Im going to JO's house to pinch it! its the most stunning piece.
love emma xxx

☼ Cheryl* said...

wow!!!! How beautiful :) I love it.