Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three into One does Go!

Not so much as whats on my desk but around the house. Wipso and Twiglet have been making little pillowcase dresses (by the dozen) for the dress a child appeal. I haven't any spare pillow cases but do have an assortment of dresses that I don't wear anymore so I decided to transform some of them. This is the first one. I forgot to take a before photo of the dress but this is it after I had spent nearly 3hrs unpicking it. It had two layers of flounces so I judged there would be enough to make up 3 little dresses.
Here they are on my makeshift washing line. I left the flounces and pockets in situ which is why you can see a left and right hand pocket on the two outside ones.
Close ups are not very clear but you can just see the flower hair bands I made to match each dress.
Every thing has come from my stash. The lace is about 20yrs old and is from 'The Doc's Mums old nighties/petticoates. The elastic is from Nans 'knicker elastic drawer' that we found still intact when we cleared FIL's house out.
One of the dress belts made the new ties for the top of this dress and the old shoulder straps made thw two check scrunchies.

The under shirt was made from a much thinner plain material so I used it double thickness
to make this slightly larger dress for an older child. The back elastic smocking has now beccome the new front feature whilst the other tie belt made the thin straps and the elastic casing on the back. The scrunchie hair band came from the inner linning on the old cumber band.
So did I have anything left over? Well judge for yourself. This really is all of it!
So three little dresses made up from stash from three generations . My Dress, MIL's lace trimmings and Nan's elastic.
These are now on their way to Louise of Sew Scrumptious
to send onward to Africia. I have a long way to go to catch up with Wipso and Twiglet but already have the next dress linned up for unpicking. Must remember to take a before photo this time.
I had loads of fun making these and hope I will make 3 little girls happy with their new dresses and matching hair bands.
The boys have their own post today so see below for a bit of fun.
If you like to have a good snoop at other peoples desks or floor or even dare I say it their closets! then pop on over to Julia's blog where you will find much to keep you occupied.


  1. wow, i can't believe you got 3 little dresses out of one. great recycling. darling sundresses. they should make 3 little girls very happy.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwww Mrs.'re a will surely make 3 African girls very happy!
    xxx Margreet

  3. Oh wow these are really gorgeous. I'm so glad that you've caught the bug. Keep up the good work.
    A x

  4. Well done - gorgeous dresses! Di xx

  5. Well done you your so creative:) Sandra H

  6. Really love the colours and well done you, Mrs A.for taking up the challenge off to check moneys post put thanks for popping over., Shaz in oz.x

  7. Gorgeous dresses, so pretty! Love the idea of the 'knicker elastic drawer'.......reminds me of my old Nan and her sewing drawer too, they all had one back in the day! Enjoy WOYWW! Dafydd and Delilah say hi!

  8. Brilliant, i'm certain they will be appreciated and loved! Thanks for sharing

  9. Well we told you it was addictive - so don't say you weren't warned!! The dresses are really lovely and what a fab way to upcycle all that useful stuff!! I love the post below - what a stunner Mitzi looked in her new frock - no wonder he fell in love. lol. Totally bonkers but happy, busy and enjoying life so who cares! x Jo

  10. OMG ! You are so so clever ! The little dresses are delightful ! Fantastic work ! Hugs and love from Catherine

  11. Mrs. A., how in credible you are. I just love these beautiful dresses that you've made from one of your own that you once wore. So very clever. I love those monkeys - they are so fun and makes me want to bring out my crochet needle and do a teddy - am missing JAM and Terri Anne....but soon, they'll be back with me once this journey is over...heehee...

  12. Wow! They look amazing. Thanks so much. Will blog about them when they arrive. Have emailed you too! Louise x

  13. I should think whoever gets these will be very happy. :)

  14. YES! I can see it! And proud to see my little flower here for such a worthwhile cause. These little dresses are just brilliant and an amazingly wonderful recycling of an unloved garment. SO CLEVER of you Mrs A.... I must go have a look at Sew Scrumptious right away!


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