Monday, August 15, 2011

Lucky Clover.

It has been a while since I showed you some more of the playing cards I have been doing. Here is the 3 of clubs depicted as balloons on wobbly wires tied together with a bow. This little worm is the only one that has been allowed to stay in my computer.

As a child I spent many summer lunch hours on the school playing field searching for that elusive four leaf clover. I never did find one but know someone whose Aunt and a friend that saw one once!!!!!!!!

Below are the backs showing the butterflies of course.
Posts are looking a bit different as I'm using a new system and can't find the font or colour to change. It's here somewhere I know.


  1. Oh yes, I remember searching for the four leaf clover too! Also putting buttercups under my chin - can't remember why though - LOL. What about not picking dandelions - I'll stop there I think xx

  2. You know Monkey is Home Alone? I hope you laid down some ground rules and curfews before you went...
    Fab clovwers btw. xxx

  3. Ah yes, the lovely 4-leaf clover. I was probably 7 when I found one and spent forever looking for another. Wish I'd kept the little feller. How lovely is Norm...he's a looker at the pc saying hello to his buddies. How cool is that? How's Monkey? Looks like he might be tempted to make a go at some fun I suppose. HAHAHA I hope you've been doing well my dear!

  4. Thanks for your advice re sorting my threads out - must get round to sorting them - good grief I'm an untidy moo :-) xx


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