Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Workdesk Wednesday 113.

Unusual for me to take a photo of my desk during the day but I'm doing some alterations to the two beach robes I mentioned in a previous post. They both needed new zips. The Doc's is finished and hanging up in the background.

I decided mine could do with sleeves so it felt quite a surreal moment to get out the orginal pattern of over 4oyrs ago and cut sleeves from towelling that I managed to get to match from the fabric shop. The pattern is marked up in (£sd ) 6/- and 30p (new pence) as the two prices were shown on all goods for 18months prior to the change over to decimalization in Feb 1971 (I'm sure it was only yesterday!!!!) The packet even has Inclusive of P.T. marked under the price. Good old Purchase Tax the forerunner to VAT.

The denim material on my sewing machine is from Jo who very kindly sent me some Fimo that she didn't want anymore and enclosed the fabric saying she thought it would be enough to make trousers for Monkey.

Speaking of which he has been nowhere to be seen all day.

I eventually tracked him down to the garden where he has been sunning himself with his new friend Norm. He said it was much too hot to be inside working!

Norm has come to live with us as we have adopted him. Monkey has been talking to his friend Darrell on his blog for some months now and back in June he put out a distress call for other bloggers to adopt some unloved Monkeys rescued from Ebay. After quite a few emails it was agreed that we could have Norman (Norm to his friends) so here he is. I expect the the two of them will be up to no good monkey business before too long.

While your here why not pop on over to Julia's blog to have a snoop round some more desks.


Debbie said...

Oh you are funny Mrs A, I love to see what you are upto next.
Lucky old Monkey and Norm being outside doing nothing,sunning themselves, please tell them other people have jobs to do b4 they can do that!!

Sandra H said...

I agree you can be funny but in a good way! nice to have the pets outside mine won't go out l have to close the door on them seriously though your desk looks pretty busy:) Sandra H

Ali said...

I was wondering when we'd see a picture of the new member to your family hope Fluff isnt jealous lol :-) they'll be needing robes as well if the sun continues xx

Annie said...

I have a box full of old patterns like that one and it really amazes me just how much they are to buy now. Dress making isn't a cheap option any more is it?
Looks like Norm has settled in well :-)
A x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You'll have to keep a beady eye on Monkey and Norm - they look like they can get up to some mischief! Perhaps 'vintage' patterns is something to explore on Ebay :) xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw good for you, Monkey and Darrell have a pretty wild life so I know Norm will be well in with you! Aghast at the good price of the pattern - how far some things have come..I recently paid £7 for a 'cheap' pattern!

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by my first ever WOYWW! I'm just going round all the blogs and seeing what you're all up to. Love Monkeys - have loads of my own (not real, and it's another story!), and sorry to hear about Bagpuss. They pull out heart to pieces, but they are all waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. Take care.

Jo said...

Norm looks so cool sitting there in his Shades. Hope Monkey applied suncream before laying out there.

Looking forward to seeing what you make with the denim & fimo.
My Mom used to make dresses for me & my sister, I remember a particular dress that was orange with chocolate brown buttons and ric-rac edging!
Don't you just love the 70's lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog xx

Spyder said...

Are Monkey and Norm going tose the new planet of the Apes film coming up next week I think, it looks like he already has his 3D glasses on! Hope Monkey loves his new trousers, and don't forget to tell Norm to slap on some factor 35,in case he burns!!

Have a Great Week!!

Spyder said...

I just had a double look, at your pattern, I'm sure I've got it, or did have it!! The white dress in the front I had one in a needle pin?? is it called?? corduroy just the same, with the zip up the YELLOW!

(Yep....keep yer glasses on Monkey!)

Sunset97 said...

Hey, Mrs. A!
i just wanted to thank you for the very sweet and encouraging comment you left me, it really meant a lot to may not believe this, but i have been thinking about you too over the past 6 months and wondering how you were doing with your grieving process...i am so sorry to hear that you have sick family and your family will be in my prayers and thoughts...

i am really regretting putting my post up now...especially since i was a bit too real and don't have a very good way with words and i've lost a follower or two (gulp), i just started re-editing it and now it's in draft and can't get it to show up.... hhhhhmmmm....maybe that is a sign..?? :)

lots of hugs,


Faye said...

I luuuurve Monkey's shades! I think he needs an I-Pad...! :)

Di said...

Hiya! It's Di, calling from Hampshire too :) I'm hoping Karen won't hop into here and rumble me - but I confess, it was me who arranged for her adoption of Dafydd - although I'm pretending it wasn't! I adopted Marvin at the same time for us and he's settling in well. I might have to 'fess up I suppose - have already sent Monkey and Darrell photos of Marvin, oddly enough sitting in our garden wearing sunglasses :)) Di (and Marvin of course!!)xx