Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Caty Tale!

Our two Persians are highly trained. When Wrapper and Wimpy need the loo they know where it is.!!!
Unlike one of the local tabbies who has decided our front lawn is the new place to spend a penny.
Now as you can appreciate this has upset 'The Doc' greatly. So much so that he has been to the local pet store and purchased a packet of 'Poo' sticks. The idea is that you place them in the ground at l metre intervals and as they are impregnated with a citrus lemon smell it deters the said cat from doing its business and will move onto somewhere more salubrious (fine by us).
This has been working well for the last 3 days , our lawn has remained in pristine condition.
Not so this morning though cos someone has nicked our 'Poo' stick!!! The 'Doc' is very annoyed.
Now this does beg the question has the cat learnt to remove the sticks with it teeth and chuck them away or do we have a 'Poo' stick thief. So if you reading this and its you can we have our stick back please.
The only other explanation which doesn't really bare thinking about is that there is now one very demented cat running around the neighbour hood with what appears to be a firework stuck up its nether regions.


  1. If the poo sticks fail, I am currently developing a White Lightning cider fueled flame thrower connected to a trip wire which should be quite effective in the early hours when we are normally going to bed. If this fails to stop the cat at least I can dismantle the machine and drink the contents of the tank by which time I won't care what the cats doing!

  2. Lol - loving the docs reply!! We had a similar prob have you tried those illuminous green stinky gel pellety things from the £1 shop that seemed to have worked here xx

  3. So funny! Now I have to try to get to sleep whilst snorting with laughter into my pillow :)) Di xx

  4. The image is very funny, but the problem isn't....poor Doc!
    xxx Margreet

  5. Hehe, hope you get your poo sticks back. Now there's a sentence I never thought I would say!

    Liz x

  6. A little disturbing either way... A super intelligent cat bent on the survival of its pee/poop, or the fact that someone has been gross enough and sad enough to remove the poo stick to either place in their own garden, or god forbid, just to ensure the cat decorates your garden for some unknown reason. If I were you I would go with the flame thrower option. It's true, cider would help remedy the situation ;)

  7. To all my cat poo followers I am pleased to confirm that this morning, following a patrol from the front, I can report that all poo sticks are present and in correct formation and there is not any cat poo to be seen.

  8. Oh gosh, you made me laugh ! Are you going to put more poo sticks or have you given it up ? Hugs and love from Catherine

  9. Have no fear, further poo stick news updates will follow as and when reports come back from the field or should I say the garden, as to the position and success of present sticks numbering four at dusk tonight. Reserves are on standby and ready to be deployed at a moments notice.

  10. Uggh!! My cats use the tray too, although my neighnour SWEARS one of them does not!!! There ARE other cats in the road, however!!! Anyway, I must have your email addy so I can send you your birdy cage swap partner, please... I notice you are well supplked with die cuts now!!!

  11. Poo sticks? Really? That's so AWESOME!

    I get angry when the neighbor's cats hunt our wild quail ... so I run 'round the yard yelling and waving my arms to scare off the cats.

    Which do you think is more odd in the eyes of our various neighbors ... a cat with a poo stick in his rear or me behaving like a mad woman?

    It's surely a good show either way. :)

  12. You can get poo stick spray! I used to use it on the furniture to stop the cats scratching at it. And, if you run out of White Lightening...

  13. citrus smelling poo sticks! heard it all now lol
    so would your lawn be lemon grass now then? ;)
    I'm pretty sure that our cat does her business behind the shed (where my sisters hamster is buried!)
    We get lots of tom cats in our garden, but they don't poo thank goodness. I think Tickle must run the neighbourhood 'cathouse'lol


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