Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn is Here WOYWW 121

The boys have been helping to clear the leaves up in the garden and the zillions of Scycamore seed pods that come in from over the fence.. If they aren't picked up now we end up with saplings growing everywhere in the spring.
Sorry boys keep shovelling. There are at least another 20 sacks to go yet!!!!
Norm asked to have his photo taken showing his new jumper (well new to him but the 32yr old last wore it when he was erm Norm's size!!!!!)


  1. Brilliant! Send Norm here ASAP - we have a few leaves he'd like to frolic in - love from Hank and Marvin :xx

  2. Your boys are good Norm's new jumper!
    xxx Margreet

  3. Are they for hire? I shall have the usual sackloads of leaves coming down in th4e next few weeks!!

  4. Glad you liked the cards. In answer to your question, the stamps are Clarity Stamps from Barbara Gray at
    Barbara is on Create and Craft TV this week, on Saturday morning from 11am to 1pm, and on Sunday morning from 10am till midday, and from 2pm till 3pm. If you cannot get it on your tv (Freeview or Skye) then you can watch via the website on your computer.

  5. I love those boys! and that jumper! I'm sorry someone got in before you for the third spot in my PIF, but there's quite a lot of people playing it just now :)

  6. We have loads of leaves for Norm to clear if he wants to visit Dafydd and Delilah!!! It could keep him busy until next year at least. Love his new jumper, so cute! Enjoy WOYWW!


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