Monday, October 11, 2010

Sequin Paradise!

I need sequins for a bag I want to make and managed to find some sold on a strip at 50p a metre. Not a bad price I thought until I spotted this short skirt on sale for £5.

The Doc nearly had a seizure when he realised I was buying it and said "your not going to wear that are you?"
No, but just look at all those lovely sequins just waiting to be re used.

Just one problem though, does anyone know a quick way of undoing them. There are thousands of em!!!

Sequins anyone?


Sherry said...

LOL, he must have thought it was his lucky day! Lovely coloured sequins too. I once bought a bag in the Primark in the sale not because I wanted it, but because of the sequins! As far as I can remember, I just snipped off the ends and pulled them off - quite a long process though - but worth it.

Faye said...

I'm so glad you're not going to wear this! So not your colours daaaaaaaarlink! Sorry, no tips for the sequins! How about getting tipsy, it won't feel like it takes so long then...

Do What You Love said...

*laughing* Husbands are funny aren't they? They could never appreciate the beauty of fabric or a fantastic find with DO you take them apart? A lovely bargain there, Mrs. A.

Unknown said...

Lol...hope getting them all off didn't/doesn't take tooo log lol