Saturday, October 30, 2010

Resin Jewelry

I went to a Resin Jewelry class a few weeks ago and we had fun pouring our own molds.

We used bottle tops to set clear resin in to make fridge magnets and also mixed powdered paint in to make resin shapes of our choice. Pink of course for me. I thought the colour was a little pale so when I got home I distressed the rose with some acrylic paint and then coated in nail varnish to give a nice sheen.

I also had time to make a fossil charm which I gave the same treatment to.
I am entering this into the following


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! LOVE THESE! Oh you are clever!
    You might be just the person to help actually...I've been playing with resin on the weekend and I can't get a piece without air bubbles in it...If I tap the mould nothing happens except nasty spillage! Any tips oh Glamourous One?! I've been using Crysal Resin.
    Linds x

  2. what a beautiful rose Mrs. looks like a real one!
    xxx Margreet

  3. What a delightful pendant ! You are such a talented Lady ! Hugs and love from Catherine

  4. The rose looks stunning! I've never used resin, UTEE the closest I've came but it isn't as hard as resin, which looks fab!!!

  5. This is stunning Mrs A, your distressing is perfectly done and this is such a beautiful piece of jewellery :) Donna x

  6. You've created a beautiful piece of jewellry!!

  7. Do you know where that necklace is? Right now?! ;)

  8. Hi Mrs A

    Wow, fabulous work!! The rose necklace is just gorgeous, your distressing looks wonderful.

    Thanks for linking up to Make It Monday this week.

    Michelle :-)

  9. a lovely pendant, it's so pretty :)

    re your sequin post... have you tried putting a piece of cotton over the top and then gently heating through with an iron, it might melt the glue enough to pull them off the fabric.

  10. Wow! This is awesome... soooooo... beautiful. What an amazing crafter you are.

    xxx Monica

  11. I LOVE the rose necklace! SO pretty! You should try to make some matching earings! Would be beautiful together! Nice job!


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