Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Freebie! (NOW CLOSED)

Remember the 40yr old silks given to me by my mother in law?
Well I still have 4 of them unused so its time for another wee competition.
The brown, turquoise,blue/red and navy/yellow are left and are actually reversible so there will be a choice of negative/positive. If you want to be in with a chance to win the material of your choice made into an embriodered box just be a follower and answer the following little quiz.

Ok. So lets play Happy Families. We all know that baby cats are called kittens, baby dogs are puppies and baby pigs are piglets but do you know the name for the following babies?

1. Baby Hedgehog
2. Baby Kangaroo
3. Baby Spider
4. Baby Squirrel
5. Baby Fish

Please leave your answers in a comment on this post.You don't need to know the answers just be able to find them. They are all out there on the web somewhere. If there is more than one correct entry names will goes in a hat and The Doc will pull one out (of the bag so to speak) to be the winner. Game will run until 12pm GMT 18th Oct.
Good luck. I was suprised by some of the answers.!


Faye said...

The babies are called the following:
Cute Lickle Hedgies
Incy Wincy
Am I right?

Unknown said...

A baby hedgehog is called a Henry
A baby kangaroo is a Joey
A baby spider is a spiderling (eugh!)
A baby squirrel is a pup
annndd a baby fish is called either a fry, or a guppy.

Am i right? :3

Sherry said...

LOL at Faye!

I had to look them all up (I only knew the kangeroo!)

Hedgehog - Hoglet
Kangeroo - Joey
Spider - Spiderling
Squirrel - Kitten
Fish - Fry

(wonder if I'll remember them next time they turn up on a TV quiz - probably not!)

Great little comp Mrs A - beautiful fabrics!

Do What You Love said...

Darn it...everyone has already beaten me to the punch...don't let Faye play - she gets everything anyway! *laughing wickedly* Here are my answers according to Google:

1. Baby Hedgehog - Hoglet
2. Baby Kangaroo - Joey
3. Baby Spider - Spiderling
4. Baby Squirrel - *interesting that I could find a zillion friggin ways to take care of this little mutt but nothing on what the stupid name of a baby squirrel is...ARGH!!!
5. Baby Fish - "fry" (I thought they were called guppies) - hey, when we have fish fry Fridays I get it now...LOL! I bet they didn't though.

I didn't get them all but it was fun! ;-)

Doc Shingles said...

1. Baybee hedgehog is a smoothy
2. Baybee kangaroo is a roolette
3. Baybee spider is a nuisance
4. Baybee squirrel is a squire
5. Baybee fish is a gulp

Who needs Google ?

Home and Heart said...

I am totally clueless, but baby hedgehogs are SO cute!! Thank you for your visit too!!

Do What You Love said...

LOL! I agree with the Doc - his answers win!!