Thursday, October 07, 2010

Evening Elegance.

Denise now has her little Japanese bag so I can share with you.
The design is called Evening elegance and is a clutch bag.

Here is a close up of the front. The silks are all the way from Japan so I wait a nail biting fortnight for them to arrive and hope that the pictures are a true replication of the materials chosen. (So far they have been perfect matches. My Japanese contact comes up trumps every time.) Each piece of the bag is compiled seperately and consists of a front, quilt wadding sandwiched in the middle and a back which becomes the lining of the bag when assembled. Finally after all the beading has been sewn on, the front and back are attached via herringbone stitch around the edges to make the pouch. Everything is done by hand as I love to feel the silks as I sew.

Here is a picture of the back depicting a Japanese garden scene which I highlighted by stitching beads along the clouds and grass.
Denise told me her preferred colour was pink (thats my kind of girl) so I chose the scenic pink silk and highlighted it with the turquoise water lilies crepe silk which is also used for the inside lining.


Do What You Love said...

Wow Mrs. A., what gorgeous bags! I see why you love to sew - the fabrics are brilliant! It's like an artist with a blank canvas and you always come up with these creative and luscious creations! That pink fabric is just incredible! And you do it by hand? Mrs. A., that's just magnificent work!

Margreet said...

Oh Mrs. A...........I'm speachless.......this is soooo the material and colours you have used......that pink fabric is awesome.....*claps claps*
xxx Margreet

Liz McGuire, said...

Yep, the ladies are right! Gorgeous!

Liz x

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Hello Mrs A,
thanks for stopping by my blog,
hmm finger rearranging was a really daft thing to do,was quite late at night and should really have stopped, trying to drink a cup of tea AND machine quilt at the same time is not very bright!

I have just been surfing our blog, you have been up to some wonderful creative times! and ypour choc cake looks oh so scrummy yummy!!
have a wonderful day, and do come visit again some time


p.s. love the bags!!!

Sherry said...

Oooh totally fabulous!!!

Jo said...

You continue to make the most gorgeous creations, and what beautiful fabrics you have too.
I'm so lucky to already own a piece of your gorgeous work.

Have a fab weekend xx

jackie said...

Very pretty work. You have been busy.
I am organizing a course at the National Needlework Archive, you may be interested or perhaps you could let any friends who would like to take part know about it.
Best wishes, Jackie

Donna said...

Oh Wow, lucky Denise, this is sooooo beautiful :) Donna x

Faye said...

This is another stunner, really beautiful. I know why you don't go to bed until 5am, you just want to play with your pretty materials! xxx