Friday, December 02, 2011

And here's one I prepared earlier.

The final calendar challenge over at the Craft Barn is for the December page and they are asking for red/green plus pine trees and sparkle. I literately threw this one together single handed before I got plastered at the hospital this morning! (see previous post).
The tree stamps are both from Crafty Individuals and the glitter from my stash (Don't try this one at home yourself. Glue, glitter and one hand do not make for good team work).

Now if I can just work out how to do one of those nice little mosaic thingies to show all my 12 pages I will be laughing!!!!!

Normal services will be resumed asap. Good job all my Christmas makes have been finished and photographed..

Have a great weekend and don't break anything.


Faye said...

Even with one hand you managed to make a cracking page. Well done you. Try and keep out of trouble this weekend. xxx

Sunshine Girl said...

Oh no fancy being in plaster this close to Christmas! how long is it on for?? Love your calendar.

Anne said...

It's a super page, one I would have enough trouble with doing with both hands!!!! I hope you feel better soon and that you will only need the splint....knitting needle....great for any itchy bits...slips down a plaster cast easy-peasy! Photoshop is what Isa used for her thumbnails otherwise it's uploading your photos individually like I took ages! Bon chance!

The Doc said...

I only asked for some more pain killers from the supermarket I didn't say "fall over and break your wrist on the way home" !

Suze Bain said...

Oh dear, hope you heal soon and well done for finishing your calendar one handed! I used Picasa ( free to download) to make my collage. xx

Sherry said...

Fab page - really done with just one hand? Love the glittery Christmas trees x