Friday, December 02, 2011

In The Pink!

Not been blogging this week due to unforseen circumstances. Iv'e got well and truly plastered!!

Slipped over in the wet weather on Tuesday afternoon and then spent yesterday at A &b E having x-rays taken , rings cut off and a splint put on to counteract the swelling.Went back this morning to have a temporary plaster cast put on (for 2 weeks) as the fracture/break they think I have does not show up properly on the x-ray till that time. If I'm lucky just the splint needs to go back on but if not it will be a hard plaster cast for 10-12 weeks. Eek!

Wanna see?

Well !!!!! What other colour could I possibly have had!
Thank goodness I'm left handed is all I have to say.


  1. Oh dear me this is just awful,I hope it is not to

  2. Oh my goodness. Poor you. Shame about your rings though. That would break my heart although I suppose you can get them welded again. Keeping fingers crossed that a hard plaster won't be necessary.

  3. oh my Mrs A....hope you don't need to get another plaster on!!

    hope there wasn't any white lightning involved??


  4. Ouch, that must have been sore. Hope you get good news when you go back and a plaster is not needed. Hope your little monkeys are looking after you, take care,

    Liz x

  5. Eeek Mrs A... poor you! Hopefully the pink cast makes it all a little better! You just need to bling it up with some glitter and rhinestones! Have the boys help out... I am sure they would love to decorate your cast for you!
    Take care(especially in the wet!)
    Susan xxox

  6. Oh poor you! It's badly swollen. Hope you won't need another cast. GET WELL SOON!!!

  7. Oh no!!! Hope the cast comes off soon and you dont need another one!!!

  8. Oh Mrs. A. What a mess that is, so painful too. Lets hope it is good news in 2 weeks for you, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Shame that your rings had to be cut off. Hope you feel better very soon sweetie.
    Lots of love, Sandra xxx

  9. Ouch!! Looks very swollen Mrs A - thankfully it's your right one, if there's an up side to this. Also, I've had to have a ring cut off in the past and once the jewellers had fixed it you'd never have known. Take care, and get those monkeys onto doing the housework and such :)) Di xx Mind you, the pink is very fetching!

  10. OMG Valery! The worst thing to happen to a crafter in December! There aren't many advantages to being left handed but here's one thank goodness. Really hope you don't need that paster cast.

  11. She would normally be keeping her fingers crossed that she won't need a plaster for twelve weeks but that is not possible at the moment !
    Bring on the White Lightning cider I say!!

  12. Oh no!! That explains why you said you were typing your email with one finger! At least the cast is pink! Hope it isn't too painful and that you won't need the hard plaster cast.

    Glad to see The Doc in good spirits above - that's an idea, bring out the spirits too!

    Take care xx

  13. Oh poor you!! hope it will only be for the 2 weeks and not 10-12 :) Sandra H

  14. Oh, my, that's terrible! Hope you heal quickly. Love the color...but too bad it had to be in a cast!

  15. Oh no Mrs A, so sorry to hear you haven't been able to craft this week :( hope you are not in too much pain and that you get good news in a couple of weeks...hugs :) Donna ♥ x


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