Friday, December 30, 2011

Bookmark Swap and The Pud wot I made!

Just a couple of pictures showing my last few makes of 2011.
The Bookmark was made for the Art 'n' Soul Christmas swap where we made a bookmark and a Christmas tag (already shown) to go with it . The Stamp is from Crafty Individuals which I stamped onto cream calico attached to the apricot ribbon and lace and them embroidered around the edges by hand.
And here's something I made earlier when all the family came for the day. Christmas pudding with a difference. Cooked in the microwave (my kinda cooking) and left in a dark place for 2 days. You can find the link to the recipe here on Elizabeth's Blog Silverscrapper. Mine only took 18 Min's to cook but Elizabeth said hers needed 40Min's so if you follow the recipe just be aware that each microwave will vary in cooking time.
I didn't have any flaked almonds so used chopped mixed nuts and I replaced the dried apricots with dried Mango pieces. Delicious. Especially with Cold custard!


Faye said...

It was delicious too, me and Very Understanding Hubby can vouch for that. We liked the nuts, you don't get nuts anymore!! ;) Fabby bookmark, just as well that wasn't lying around, I nearly swiped your art of my wall as it is! xxx

Sherry said...

Your pud looks fantastic. I couldn't face any after the Christmas dinner - that really is a first for me - I settled for a trifle instead.

Hope you and The Doc are OK and all the best for 2012 xxxxxxxxx

The Doc said...

Is there any other way of having custard other than cold ?.....I have heard that they heat it up Norf....yuk!
But making me think of trifle, our son did bring a superb example of that down to us as a gift from his extended family who live up Norf so they do know how to make some things in Huddersfield....shame about the custard though!

Ali said...

Happy New Year xx Thanks for the idea re the black buttons - will have to have a rummage see if I've got some I can glue on xx