Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Santa.

The boys asked if I would take a photo of them in their festive hats. They are very excited because we had a leaflet put through the door that Santa is coming to our villiage in his sleigh and real reindeer. Our road is due to be visited on Dec 23rd. Enclosed was a colouring competition with all entries to be handed to Santa on the night of his visit. The boys thought they ought to make a wish list each as well . I was a bit puzzled why Norm would ask for ear muffs until I read Monkey's list!!!
You can just see behind Monkey's shoulder the christmas card that Norm received in the post from his pals Darrell, Monkey & Nigel.


  1. These guys are adorable. Wish I lived in your neighborhood to Santa and the reindeer!!!

    WOYWW #82

  2. Awesome monkeys! Love their festive headgear! What did he need the ear muffs for? I couldn't read the lists! They are so cute! Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

  3. Well, dear cute boys, I do so love your festive hats and do hope that sent the other boys - Nigel, Monkey an Darrell a card too? happy Christmas, Shaz in oz.x

  4. Very cute! It's nice of Santa to give you all so much notice, Christmas is AGES away. xxx

  5. Ahhh how cute! Happy WOYWW 132. Thanks for Sharing!

    Shirley Pumpkin #63


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