Sunday, June 24, 2018

Candy Canes

Time once more for the girls in the Christmas Card Club to show our next makes. Lorraine set the theme which was Candy Canes /Gingerbread. I knew I had two design papers which had candy canes on them so I fished them  out and made up( not so quickly as it turns out) into two cards.

The first one went like clockwork.
 The paper is a Holly Hobby  from 2012 and came as a freebie in a magazine at that time. Card base is cream which I have layered up with a Christmas Red cardstock cut slightly smaller. Paper trimmed slightly smaller again and then layered on top. The remaining piece of the design paper was just enough to make a further panel up to go across the middle of the card which I raised up on 3D pads for dimension. Die cut sentiment is from Creative Expressions by sue Wilson CED3046.  Job done!

Not so my Second card  which started out life as being a gatefold  but all the layering went completely off kilter so after several hours of trying to make it work  (late last night) I gave it up as a bad job and salvaged what I could to start again.
This time it is an easel card which I eventually finished making this morning and then taking the photos out in the garden. I had to make several alterations to cover up mistakes from the gate fold design  and still not entirely happy with it but time marches on  so here it is.
Design paper is a freebie from a magazine. The ones that are really flimsy and shiny which come as inserts inside the mag so are not ideal for working with at the best of times. The red matting is not showing up but it was first embossed with a Couture Creations  Christmas Collection C0723877 which has  a rather nice stripe effect.It does show on the card IRL.  Sentiment is by Tonic Studios
'Script Merry christmas'.

On the home front things have not been going quite to plan.
The good news  is that The Doc's Aunt is back home now, though with an extensive  home  care  package set up around her.  She was in hospital for nearly 4 weeks and her stubbornness was nearly her undoing as she had Pneumonia and Sepsis of the lung. Hubby  had been trying to get her to go to her Drs ( to no avail) as she had a very bad chesty cough but no,  'Fishermans Friend ' lozenges  would see her right. No need to bother the Dr!! It was also her stubbornness and iron will that got her through the ordeal.
Not been in blogland much this past week as we were having a new front and back door fitted. What could possibly go wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
The front door was fitted Thursday. Right colour, Right design, Right Glass but Wrong finish.
The door should have come with a tongue and groove panelling but the door we  got  came completely plain so out came the catalogue and sure enough there was the door that we had ordered complete with tongue and groove finish. At this point we thought that the manufacturer had changed the spec for some unknown  reason but no when our installer rang them it turns out that they supply all the doors in their catalogue in two finishes  i.e. tongue and groove  and plain but only show the one finish in the catalogue. No where does it state that, as The Doc has been through each page in detail. This  was a bad enough error but they then  compounded it by not saying this when our installer ordered the door from them and they had simply taken it upon themselves to make and supply a plain door so a new door now has to be made and supplied by them at no extra cost.  The door had arrived with bubble wrap on it so you couldn't see the finish on it until  it had been hung and fitted .
The back door was fitted yesterday ( from another manufacturer I hasten to add) who got it exactly right.  Their catalogue states it can be made as a tongue and groove panel.  This is the finish I was expecting to see on the front door as well as the back door. The electric roll top garage door gets fitted tomorrow so stay tuned!!

p.s. I would have added the tongue and groove finish myself but the door wouldn't fit into my Scor Pal!!


Jackie Trinder said...

Hi Mrs A your Christmas cards are gorgeous. I love them both. The back door looks fab. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Oh you have had rather a harrowing time of it lately Val. Something as simple as having a door fitted you would think would be straight forward, sometimes I wonder how these businesses keep afloat.
Two gorgeous cards even though the second one was troublesome, great use of those freebie papers we all have in abundance.

Aquarius said...

Two great cards ready for December. Sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations with the doors - hopefully the garage door will be fine, fingers crossed for you anyway!

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Two wonderful card Valery Anne and great news about Doc's Aunt. Hope everything goes fine with the garage door.

Sue xx

Christine Harrop said...

Two super cards Mrs A, even though the second one caused you grief - par for the course after the problems with your door. Such a simple task, one would think!! Hopefully the garage door works out okay. Christine x

rachel said...

great cards Valery - sounds like you put much effort into making the second one work and it certainly has been worth it. Big hugs Rachel x

Kathleen said...

Oh dear me, what are these folk like, my sister ordered a garden hut with no windows, it came with two?!
Lovely card, both inside and outside, love the sentiment dies.

Kath x

scrAPpamondo said...

Both the gingerbread cards look beautiful and especially love the easel one that you recycled by your first mistake! Great job!
Sorry for all your problems, hope that the back door now it's as you want!

dutchess said...

Two lovely cards Valery ...fabulous papers on the first one...
Somtime life sends us these trials...I am glad to hear your Aunt is now home and better,the door thing will get resolved in the end but as you say the frustration it all causes,it’s what puts me off having things done as nothing seems to go right first time round....I am spending the next 3 weeks continuing to watch the tennis and that does nothing for my blood pressure...but I love it...keeping my fingers crossed for you and the garage door! Xxxx

MaryH said...

You always have just The Perfect papers, and these 2 cuties are no exception. Both of them met each of the themes Lorraine suggested, with the candy canes AND the gingerbread. Love the designs you've created using the fab papers. Loved the scorpal use with the tongue & groove too! Hope things are improving with the doors, and you can soon just relax and enjoy all the new features of your home. So glad too, that your Auntie is on the mend. TFS & Hugs too.

Greta said...

Oh you made me laugh--door not fitting in the Scor Pal! Both cards are fun & so pretty!

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Valery, I am so pleased to hear your Aunt has recovered- had sepsis myself last year, so know just how ill she was. I think we don't actually realise just how dangerous it is, I know I always thought you popped to the Docs and got a tetanus shot, and all would be well.
Love the cards, I think you did a great job with the one that didn't want to work! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz X

Sylvia said...

2 beautiful cards again,Mrs A.Love the cute DP.It's a fab green door.Hopefully he fits now.


Mac Mable said...

Sorry to hear about the doors and about The Doc's Aunt. She sounded really poorly x Both of your cards are so cute and loving the papers. So glad you persevered with the gorgeous second card.....Good luck with the garage door!! x

Jenny L said...

Hi Mrs A,
what brilliant cards and such sweet papers used.
The designs look so fab too.
Good work on salvaging the gatefold one.
Your household insn't conected to mine as that is what usually happens to us nothing ever goes the way it was ordered.
When you have 5 mins or so my memory album is on my blog header pages as I remember you wanted to see it, and I posted it a couple of days ago.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Sandra H said...

Two fabulous cards Mrs A l always loved the candy cane papers and images you have created to stunning cards xx

MagsB said...

I'm so glad The Doc's Aunt is now at home, I'm sure she'll recover far more quickly in familiar surroundings.

Your Christmas cards look so good, I love the die-cut sentiment on the first! What a business you had with your first plan - but the easel card is an excellent rescue!

Good luck with your new front door!

love Mags B x

Carol L said...

Both cards are so pretty and you're ahead of the Christmas rush already with these cards, yay you! Sorry for all the woes of late, but I cannot stop laughing about your door not fitting the Scor-Pal!! You are too funny :)

Granmargaret said...

Lovely cards

Darnell said...

Two beautiful candy cane designs and, in time, you'll have two beautiful new doors, Anne! Sorry that in all cases, one design went well and one didn't. Pretty much sums up life!! Hugs, Darnell

Valerija said...

Very beautiful cards!
Valerija xx