Wednesday, November 02, 2011

WOYWW No 126

This was my desk at 2am this morning. Just putting the ruffle onto the next little dress. You can see the one from Monday hanging up on the wardrobe door.
My internet provider seems to think this is a goood hour for maintence down time. Err no! I'm busy going around bloggland and leaving comments and trying to schedule this post.
I have heard that my return christmas charm swaps are on the way to me now which is good news as I need to have the project they are intended for finished by Dec 1st.
The boys had fun out trick and treating but didn't seem to bring any goodies back with them and said no to their customary hot choclit and cookies before bed! They asked to borrow the step ladders this morning so see the post below for what they got up to.
Also why not hop on over to Julia's blog for an international round up of other desks.
Meanwhile I'm going to try and post this for the third time lucky as I got booted out again at lunch time.


  1. Such a mischievous pair. I love the little patchwork frock. x Jo

  2. Lovely to see Norm doing his bit for the garden life :-)
    Love your little frocks.....I've made 3 more today after clearing my 'to do' rail :-)
    A x

  3. Well done, on the dresses, do the boys help out at all?

  4. 2AM! Really! It's only 8:20pm here and I can't keep my eyes open!! Glad to see the boys are helping out the local wildlife. I've just ordered more of that wool from England, can't buy it here at all, and I've almost got my second scarf finished too! Lovely little dresses, such a worthy cause.


  5. Valery there so are going to be so many excited little girls with new dresses soon. You should be really proud and really deserve an award - if I knew how to do it!! Glad to hear the charm squares will be on their way soon - and glad too I'm not the only one crafting and blogging at 2.00 am!

  6. Nice ruffles, missus!! LOL The dresses are looking good in the background :)
    Hugs, LLJ #14 xx

  7. Thanks for the peek at your space this week, just sorry I can't stay longer! Hope the rest of the week goes well for you.

  8. Love your boys below.
    The Vagabond can do nothing more than the BS, I am not saying it can, just that it is useful for me when I have 120 sheets to cut for each of the 18 or maybe more, participants in my workshop on Saturday. I just like the look of it and that is the only reason it is not a BS.
    Lovely ruffle on your machine.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet x #11

  9. Good luck with the blog hop! Keep your monkeys under control Mrs..... LOL....

  10. The ruffle's looking good!

    I also got my new Altoid tin yesterday (complete with mints - but I will replace them with buttons before I send it!!)

    Today I received my 'fall in love with buttons' tin from my partner too - so I'm happy now! (wonder how long it'll last, my happiness that is, not the tin!)

    I hope your Christmas charm swaps arrive it time xx

  11. Great looking ruffles and the dresses are very nice! Our internet provider decided to do maint. at a time I usually use the computer too. After a heated talk I switched companies and don't have the issues anymore! Hope you have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #68

  12. A quick PS. The reason for the tiny amount of butter (I use Margarine) is the fat in the cheese.

  13. Hi there Mrs. A. will check boys post out below but wanted to tell you it is my blogaversary on 1.11.11 and on my blog there is thank you candy on offer to all my Wonderful Encouragers like you have been so do pop over it is a comment on the blog post one as dont know how to do Mr Linky (nor do I want to know) I really lovely wee dress off to see those mischievous boys! Shaz in Oz.x

  14. The dresses are so sweet I do admire you for making them. Anne x


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