Friday, November 04, 2011

Remnants from the past.

Dress no.8 completed and attached to the ruffle you saw on my desk on Wedensday. I have added applique hearts and also some little heart shapped butttons that I made myself from shrink plastic and coloured with watercolours pencils in pale pink and light brown mixed together (I do so like using this stuff.)
Close up of the bodice hearts and on the straps.
And the little lace pocket.
This dress has been made using 20yr old lace and pale pink lawn (from an old nightgown) and a remnant of pink and beige shirt material that is even older (40yrs) both from my late MIL.
The patchwork dress from an earlier post and this one are now in the post to Louise of Sew Scrumptious who is the UK co ordinator for the African dress a child appeal. I like to send them wrapped in tissue paper and have been using up old dress patterns as I have found them ideal.
Searching through my old patterns I came across the two below.
Each yr when Fluff was small (much much smaller) I used to buy 3yds of dress fabric from the local market stall and make a skirt for myself and a matching one for her and these are the patterns I used. You can see where I get my love of ruffles from! Having us matching did had a dual purpose as there were many a time out shopping I would get a tap on the shoulder and a lady returning Fluff to me from where she had wandered off in the supermarket.!! Fluff having delivered her standard patter of " Mummy is dressed same as Me".
A certain store staring with M and second word S sold childrens white tee shirts for 99p but if you went to the market stall just outside in the high street you could buy 2 seconds(with the well known label half cut out) for £1.25.
This is when the fun began because Fluff would choose a picture from her colouring book (flowers, elephants?, toadstools, butterflies, you name it)which I would trace and then cut out from the material fragments and applique to the tee shirt so she would always have a matching outfit. Those were the days. I miss not having my little girl to make clothes for . Didn't realise quite how much until I started doing these for Louise. Off to make a few more . Now where did I put the colouring book!


Faye said...

You can still make me clothes!!! :) This one is really pretty. Well done on the tally too. xxx

Annie said...

I'm so thrilled to hear how much fun your having making your little dresses. This one is just perfect.
A x

Lisa-Jane said...

That's a wonderful little story! Is it hard to applique patterns onto clothing and do you need anything special? I love the idea of making personalised items like that for my 2. Didn't realise you were so close - we're in Hampshire too. DH does a similar job to you too.

Sandra H said...

Hi, What a lovely dress you have created :) Sandra H

Jackie said...

When I used to make dresses for myself I always kept the leftovers to make childrens' dresses but alas I had two boys. I made them dressing gowns and the odd hat but I could get my dressmaking desire indulged with one of these. But these days there's no time!
Thanks for your comment.Nice to meet you.

Di said...

Fascinating story - and how clever to dress Fluff so she could be 'matched' and returned to you! The dress you made is just adorable too! Have a lovely weekend! Di xxx

Sunshine Girl said...

Lovely story and dress there! Hope the monkeys didnt scare anyone too much on Halloween!

Sherry said...

What a lovely story - sounds so sweet the two of you in matching outfits.

Your dresses are fab, especially with the little special touches of embellishments xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. A. I love the idea of making the dress from vintage fabric and notions. I like to find old patterns a flea markets and antique malls. I gobble them up. Blessings Terri

Sew Scrumptious said...

Your dresses arrived today. Thank you! They are both gorgeous. I am blogging about them right now!! x

Carol said...

Lovely dresses. I can just see some little girl in Africa wearing it for Sunday best. Bless them.

Ann said...

Fab post Valery! And another fab dress - you are the Queen dress-maker I think!