Friday, September 24, 2010


This is Buggsy Bunny Fluffs' faithful companion for the past xxyrs. As you can see Buggsy has worn her paw pads to a frazzel so she has come home to me for some TLC.

There. Thats better. What else are mothers there for!
Fluff and Sweet cheeks are coming to stay for a long weekend so I am now busy dismantling the craft pod in the spare bedroom. Sweet cheeks cousins are coming too along with Mummy and Daddy and loads of baggage no doubt. Now where did I put the extra thick duvet!!!!


  1. You know, it makes me wonder if that little Bugsy was about walking to have his paws all worn out...pretty scary being that it was Fluff's little playmate. Hmmm...that girl is magical isn't she? Lovely job that you can fix anything, Mrs. A. - such a super mother! How sweet to have company over - the joy of being a mother is having them come by when they're older (and leaving and not staying forever) HAHAHA - have a good visit!

  2. you are such a kind mother to repair Fluffy's she can use it again, keeping her warm under the thick duvet.....enjoy your weekend with your kids and grandchildren!
    xxx Margreet

  3. She looks good as new, thank you. xxx

  4. are so clever...I remember my poor teddy having only one eye and a couple of holes and my mummy tried to mend him but she was just so rubbish at sewing(she won't mind me saying that cos she agrees) and my poor little teddy still has one eye and a couple of holes but at least I still have grandad bought him for me when I was you say Faye..good a new!!


  5. Cracking job Mrs A...Bunny looks much happier now...hope you enjoy your houseful this weekend...have fun :) Donna x

  6. Bunny looks so happy all stitched up and pretty. Great job.. Hope you have a lovely week. I am about ready to send my package to you.. :) I hope you like it :) I sent a few extra things for fun.. It has been a great challenge for me and very fun.. :) Enjoy!


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