Friday, September 10, 2010

Confessions of a Non Alcoholic

I don't know where August disappeared to. No sooner were we back in the country when we needed to visit home to see friends and family. Having just got back from there we are off again to Devon so apologies for not blogging for a bit.

Confession 1.
Whilst on holiday I needed to keep blogging so we found a nice cafe with Wi Fi and a very obliging waiter who would set it all up for me. On the 1st day Italians on the next table had some really nice looking cocktails so the The Doc told the waiter we would have what they were having( Well when in Rome do what the Romans do so they say). Not quite sure what was in them but they were green, had mint leaves in the bottom, lots of wine and other things too so we got into the habit of strolling down to the cafe after breakfast and ordering these drinks (the waiter when quized said just ask for Hugos everyone will know what you mean) me blogging The Doc sipping and a couple of hours later staggering back to the hotel to sleep it off on the jetty.

Confession 2.
They used to have pictures in the hotel abroad but they seem to have taken them down for some reason! There were loads of pictures hanging up in the guest house in Southend though. I made it down to the breaksfast room okay but couldn't eat a bite until the pictures were all straightend up. Well it puts you right off your toast and jam otherwise. We met up with friends later that day who were staying with their mum in her flat and needing to spend a penny I popped into the loo only to spot more wonky pictures and even worse in the lounge a large wonky picture. I tell you I needed a Hugo to calm me down. (I don't think I was spotted adjusting them).

Confession 3.
Had a phone call from Mum on the next day whilst still at the guest house to say Dad had very bad runs and would I call in at the chemist and pick up something for him to take. So having found a chemist and eventually arriving at home was greeted by the words "Its okay I think he is better now." Wrong thing to say. You have never seen two pills popped out of their packet and administered to an astonished parent so fast in your life. Dad hasn't gone since Tuesdsay. Erm does anyone know a cure for constipation!!!!!

Confession 4.
Called into the cemetary whilst at home to do a spot of "gardening". I had been searching for nearly 30 yrs to find the grave of The Docs grandmother and I finally located where she was buried a few months ago only to find it had no headstone. The person the grave plot belongs to has since died so until I can trace the present owners I can't have anything erected on it. Whilst The Doc stood on lookout duty I planted bulbs in the grass for her instead. Ilegal I know but no one should be forgotten.

Confession 5.
I have been stewing down some apples and plums ready for freezing when cooled down. The apples were given to me by our next door neighbour and the plums by a different route.
We visited some gardens near to us last week and the public car park is the orchard. They had apple trees and plum trees. Lots of apples on the ground but they were all rotten and lots of nice
plums still attached to the trees. As there weren't any windfalls I was going back to the car but The Doc had other ideas and shook the nearest tree and muttered " Oh look windfalls." Enough said.

I have had a very traumatic week and as it is now offically the Weekend I'm off to have a long drink or two.



Lindsey said...

Oh good grief! What a lot of fessing up! I hope you feel "cleansed" now! Go an have a nice cocktail/glass of wine as a reward!
Enjoy Devon (and that cake!)
Linds x

Margreet said...

You had a lot to confess Mrs. A......when all confessions are such as yours I think I will do a study for being a priest...hoping much people will come along!.....enjoy your weekend!
xxx Margreet

Sherry said...

What a funny post Mrs A - I LOL and wondered what you were going to come out with next! Think I'll join for that drink - and those 'Hugos' sounded very interesting!! Hope you have a lovely time in Devon x

Faye said...

Hugo's, I want a hugo - can you get pink ones?!

Unknown said...

Lol, lol - what a great post I hope you have a quieter couple of weeks now. I am just going to go and check my pictures :-)

Do What You Love said...

The little Hugo drinkie sounds delightful ... hmmm... I was laughing at the thought of you fixing the pictures straight as you walked here and there; I've a mind to do that but am afraid people will know OCD when they see it and lock me up! Good for you to brave that crazy part of the world! You did have a bit of fun; windfalls and all. :-)

Doc Shingles said...

Well if Alien's a non-alcoholic I must be a tea totaller!!.....pass me the white Lightning cider.

Deborah March said...

LMAO!!!! "Better living through chemistry..." that's my mantra!