Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More boxes and a confession.

Finally finished all the little boxes. Scor-pal was a boon and I succumed in the end to a X cut guillotine so that I had dead straight edges. Well it was either that or give up the Drink! No contest there.

Before everyone zooms in and says but Mrs A. there are only 24 boxes I know.
Ok. You can all zoom out again now.
Box no. 10 had fallen of the table into the bin before I noticed and put them away. So just to prove it

Here is box no. 10

So onto confession time. Actually its not my confession The Doc did it but he said if he goes down he takes me with him so I'm just coming clean. (Does anyone know if the royal mail lets you sew bags with pretty bows and frills on?)
When we get the chance we like to visit houses and gardens that are open to the public. There is one particular house we like that has gardens that lead straight down to the river. It is a lovely spot to sit for an afternoon watching the swans and other wild life. We don't go in the house so the family portraits are safe from my hands but we do go into the tearoom and get a slice of choklit cake and a drink. To save time we put the cake into a container and take our own coffee and go straight to the river. This particular time the cake was very scrummy and The Doc said he would go back to the tea room and pick up two forks for us to use.
Fast track to home and we are unpacking the picnic bag and what do we find? Two silver forks.
Now we just need to sneak them back before they do an audit and find half the family silver is missing!!!!


Cupcake Craft said...

The boxes all look great, good job there! What's it got to do with Royal Mail as to whether you stitch ribbon on bags or not?! xx

Jo in TAS said...

Gorgeous boxes!! I'm no help with the Royal Mail issue but I agree cupcake's comment.
PS Take the forks back next time!

Ann said...

OMG Excellent job! Don't they look good - I'm still resisting a scor-pal and but I've put in a request for a scor-buddy for Christmas ;o)

And Valery, I'm sure RM would love bags with frills on!

Margreet said...

Oh my goodness Mrs. A........your boxes are stunning....great story about the 'stolen' table silver...would say: use them next time again!.....lol
xxx Margreet

Sherry said...

You are so good, getting all your matchboxes finished - have you made all the little gifts too? I keep meaning to get on with mine, but am so easily distracted!

Next time, maybe you could get the matching knives! LOL

Do What You Love said...

What lovely matchboxes, Mrs. A. I just love the Christmas papers you used and how you decorated each one. It is adorable! What a lovely swap! So...now you and Doc are taking silver eh? Alright, no more drinky drink for ya!