Friday, September 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

This is a sneak view of a doll that I have been working on. I know she looks a little weird ! I've not seen a dolls body quite that shape before and I didn't read the pattern instructions first so it came as a bit of a surprise to find that she needed rods inserted into her legs and then shoved into her body and up into her head. Took some manoeuvring but I got there in the end. She does look rather sweet in her swimsuit and inflatable ring and pull along duck. Can't show you any more until she arrives at her destination which does just happen to be beside the seaside.

My Scor-pal has arrived and I'm very impressed with it. So much easier to make the creases for the little boxes. I've made seven so far. Won't show you what I have made though to put in them. You will just have to wait until the reveal in December. All I can say is that you wear some, use some, and just well look at some! The Doc got very exited when he realised 25 little parcels would be leaving the house until he cottoned on that 25 would also be coming back!!!!

It is my sisters' birthday today so happy birthday Sis. I won't give her age away but I think it is safe enough to say it is in double figures.

Off to Devon tomorrow to spend some time with Faye and Sweet Cheeks. I have another doll to deliver for Daniels' little friend Esme who will be 2 shortly. A certain netbook also needs a felt cover making for it and I need to pick up illicit contraband that not only got past baggage control but international border checks. (I got 4 new pairs of sandals out of The Doc whilst on holiday cos he was under the impression that I couldn't be spending in two countries at once).
Denise and Sandra your little Japanese bags will be with you very shortly. Material and bag designs have now been sorted out for you which I think you will like.
And a note for Linds cos I know you will be kicking yourself all weekend otherwise. "Bits and Pieces" was a number one hit for The Dave Clark Five but can you sing the tune?


Faye said...

The doll looks interesting, can't wait to see that. And the boxes look completely fabby, well done you! xxx

Margreet said...

the parts of the doll look very exciting....curious how it will look when it's finished....the boxes look gorgeous too!....have a nice time at Faye's!
xxx Margreet

Sherry said...

Your doll looks great already - can't wait to see the finished article.

The matchbox swap is going to be such fun - I've sort of started mine, but still have a way to go!

Do What You Love said...

Oh that doll looks fabulous, Mrs. A. I've never made one with rods going in and up; can't wait to see the finished product! Her little pants are gorgeous, too! I love the little matchboxes - they are so cute and puts one in the mind for holiday already - very cute! ;-)