Thursday, July 22, 2010

Return Whimsy Jar.

I had intended for this post to go out two days ago but the internet both at Faye's and then home here last night had other ideas, so apologies for taking so long.

This is the Whimsy jar that I received from my swap partner Ann. Isn't it sweet. Made to look like an old fashioned jar of home made preserved jam.

I love the crocheted doily that the lid had covering it. I gave Ann the colours pink, mauve, green and blue all in pale to work with and said that I liked cottage garden styles, flowers made from fabric, knitted or crafted from paper and just loved buttons. Didn't she do me proud!

When the lid popped off all this spilled out. I couldn't believe how many buttons there were and lovely crocheted flowers in all the colours. Ann had also made me some lovely tags and butterfly cut outs both in felt and paper/card. I really am lucky.

Thankyou so much Ann I love every single bit of it and would be proud to be your swap partner again.


Jo in TAS said...

A beautiful bounty! I'm keeping an eye out for the next swap like this, you've all done some gorgeous things!

Terry Oulboub said...

What lovely treasure! Those colors are really soft and subtle - just love them. Wonderful buttons and crocheted flowers. Like Jo, I'm keeping an eye out for the next one too - it seems like such wonderful fun! how cute are those little spools of thread - so appropriate for you, isn't it, Mrs. A...totally awesome!

Sherry said...

Now isn't that just the best post to receive! What a beautiful jar with contents to match. Love the colour combination and the crocheted flowers.

Faye said...

Right then, you might want to be thinking about hiding your stash next time I come to visit...!! ;)

Ann said...

So pleased you liked your jar Valery - I'd love to do it again some time. I really enjoyed getting all those bits and pieces together.

☼ Cheryl* said...

That is such a beautiful jar!!!