Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello Bobby

I can't help thinking that if Bobby had been on the England team the results might have been a little different!!!!

I first made one of these little chaps (stands 22" tall in his boots) nearly 30 years ago for a friend's football mad son (now grown up with a son of his own) who supported West Ham so the strip was blue and burgundy.
Half way through making this little lad I realised why it had taken me so long to make another. You have to turn the body right side out through a 1"diameter hole at the base of the head. 3 stupid o'clock bells later (curtesey of the local church) in the morning I managed to get him right side out. Then I made the mistake of going on line and just checking that the picture I had down loaded of the current kit was ok. Bad mistake. the 2010/2011 season is now on show and completly different. Grr. (whats with these footballers needing to change their strip each year. 5 minutes out on the pitch and its caked in mud. Do they ever ask us wife's , who after all are the ones who have to wash it what colour it should be? Khaki springs to mind).Suddenly the shorts have changed from white to blue with no red stripe, socks are now white with a blue turn down instead of all blue and the shirt instead of being a round neck is now 'Fred Perry' style with a white collar so back to the drawing board I went for a quick change.

Bobby is now with his new owner but can anyone tell me (apart from Faye) which club he supports.

I am entering Bobby in the current challenge over at The Crazy Challenge this week who are asking for "Boys & their Toys"

Also All sorts Challenge are asking for something for a baby or child. Well Bobby is for a 2yr old
so I reckon he fits.


Faye said...

No fair!! I think Bobby looks just as good as Ben's version and who'd have thought thirty years after his, you'd be sitting in my back room, under the light that doesn't work, making another!! xxx

Do What You Love said...

Mrs. A., what lovely doll, this Bobby! I wouldn't dare try to guess the team since your football is what we call soccer. Goodness, it sure looks perfect - love how you did the hair. I tell you - you inspire me to get out the sewing machine and make my dolls I used to make. Guess I'll be going to the fabric store tomorrow - no more procrastinating. I love how you incorporate your crafts into the latest challenges when everyone else usually does paper - you must be winning quite a bit as your work is SUPER FANTASTIC!! :-)

Margreet said...

This is such a cute soccer player, Mrs. A.....UK had surely won the World Cup with a team full of these types....I adore Bobby!
xxx Margreet

Julie said...

Bobby is bootifull *** I have an idea who he supports but it may be based on insider knowledge!!!! A little peek H******F***D T**N Football Club ?????

Mummylade said...

wow, such a wonderful boy! Thank you for joining the Allsorts challenge with this creation. Good luck!

Nana said...

Wow, this guy is absolutely adorable and cute! Well done!
Thank you for joining us at the "Crazy challenge"!
hugs Nana

jackie said...

Hope you are having a good summer.
The next workshop is on Wednesday 1st September, making fancy papers from brown paper. Save up your wrapping paper and brown paper bags.I think about the 'pounding'.

Penni said...

Wow he's fabulous. I wish I was this creative.


Beebeebabs said...

OMG this is super cute tfs

scotspanda said...

oh wow he is stunning!! well done he is just fab and I bet his new owner thinks so too

thanks for taking up my challenge this week on Allsorts


Amanda xx