Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pockets Full of Love

I have several things to show but they are either still in transit or will shortly be enroute to their swap partners so no reveals at the moment. I can show you this though as it is now with its rightful owner!
When I did the pretty pockets swap with Sherry a terrible wail went up in Devon which could be clearly heard 200 miles away here in Hampshire. Roughly translated it said "Those are my colours.I want it."

Never one to miss a damsel in distress here are Faye's very own pockets. Picked out in yellow this time. Not filled with goodies, just made with love and sent with love. Enjoy.

Close up detail of each pocket.


Margreet said...

amazing Mrs. A.....such delicate colours and fab it!
xxx Margreet

Sherry said...

More exquisite pockets! I bet Faye will absolutely love them x

Terry Oulboub said...

I swear Mrs. A., every time I see your gorgeous creations, I feel inspired to get that sewing machine out and do something with it! I love the pockets and yellow is one of my favorite colors! I shall have to do the pocket thing for sure for myself! I can't wait to see the other lovelies you've made.

Faye said...

I love it, it's hanging on my wardrobe. Even Daniel strokes it every time he goes past it! Thank you!

Michele said...

This is gorgeous!!!

Michele said...

lovely! very sweet fabric choice!

Lindsey said...

Totally gorgeous and such a great idea! Can you hear the "I want it!" wails in Wales?! Oh i wish i could sew......(I can suture though!)
Linds xx

JoAnne said...

Beautiful pockets! I really do need to learn to sew.

Home and Heart said...

The giving of cute things has a way silencing a loud wail!!

Margreet said...

Hi Valery....I was totally speachless and breathless when I opened your package....I keep looking and's so detailed and perfectly finished.....I'm very proud to own one of your designs and I will cherish my daughter will come (she has 2 cats) and I'll show it to her and I know she will be jealous.....also love the pic of Wrapper...did you name it 'Dutchcat' because it was sent to me or is there another reason?
I will ask your permission to show it on my blog and then I will link back to you.....just let me know!
Thanks again and looking forward to a new game!
xxx Margreet

Margreet said...

Hi Valery, me again, just wanted to let you know that I have left something for you on my blog.
xxx Margreet