Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh' I do like to be beside the Seaside.

Take one old birthday card, some sandpaper, assorted shells collected over the years , paint and distress an old picture frame and what have you got?
A picture of the seaside.
I am entering this in the curent challenge over at Anything Goes who are asking for "Seaside."


Sherry said...

That's great - I love the sandpaper beach - ingenious!!

(We were at the beach at Southend last weekend, but couldn't actually see much of it for all the people sunbathing - it was gloriously hot and sunny)

Margreet said...

this is marvellous, the number of shells used....I only use 1 or 2...but this is so much it!
xxx Margreet

Julie said...

Well, I must say this reminds me of "Sarfend" too. Very close to home!!! I like it.

Faye said...

So that's what you were up to when I phoned yesterday and the Doc was getting nervous about his sand paper stash...!
Another inspired and brilliant project!