Monday, March 29, 2021

Christmas Trees.

Well that was best laid plans up in smoke. I did have these cards ready (six of them) late Saturday night but too  dark to take photos of  so I had thought to take pictures  early Sunday Morning and post asap. Cue  the clocks going forward so bearing in mind  already lost an hour and then I was about  to clear the bits not used from cards away and decided  to make another 2 quick cards  seeings I already had the others to photo anyway. Everything went down hill after that. Got an email from Food  online delivery to say some items not in stock so needed to go  and alter  next weeks delivery to include them. Then the delivery van showed up early and then basically everything stopped!!!!
Anyways here finally are the cards for the Christmas Card Club where a group of us girls make cards to a set theme each fortnight. The current theme was set by Kate who asked for Trees, Christmas Trees or Trees in a scene so plenty of scope.  I had 2 card fronts to reuse from last yrs received shop bought ones so they were easy peasy. 
When we cleared the loft out last month from old christmas decorations and trees no longer used I kept a few items that would be useful for card making. DIL had sent in a card one year  loads of tiny metallic christmas trees (I think you were supposed to sprinkle round card when opened) enclosed  inside  and I now had the brilliant idea of using on said cards!!!  
116 little trees all attached with d.s.tape cut to size later and my enthusiasm was laxing very thin.
Card 1 

So I made a tree shape up and had a few little stars  in various colours to use up  so put a red one on top. The sentiment was in with the trees so I guess must have been an odd one and worked well on card.  Gold sticker edging to complete. 

Card 2

I had this die cut red frame lying in my stash and it was just the right size for the tree and followed the theme of the scalloped card base. By spellbinders A2 Floral Ribbon Threads. I used all gold trees this time .Sentiment was a gold sticker from stash with more of the sticker edging. 

Card 3

Decided to go with a  sort of wreath design with this next card. I had a precut card circle on my desk and used it as a template for placing/spacing  the trees around the outside edge then removing once trees were stuck in place.  Sentiment sticker from my stash. 

Card 4

Still had loads of the red ones left and had idea to use up  inside a shaker card.  I used two different size Crafts-Too Square dies Scalloped Edge dies to make the frame work up and cut strips of red card stock (layered up 6 deep ) to create the built up sides. Piece of acetate and the red sticker from my stash. 

At this point I was calling it a day ready to take photos the following morning.  Having slept on it I decided to use the remaining gold trees and make a further 2 cards up. 

Card 5.

Card 6.

Drat! I found  the red christmas tree had dropped  on the floor so of course  had to use it. I did the remainder of the rows in alternate right way up/inverted on the next row. This gave the tree a denser look but also squashed it down a bit. Should really have put another row of trees in but I now only had four gold trees left and would have needed 7. I suppose I could have made a Cypress tree instead! (No don't even go down that one).

This just leaves me with Cards 7 and 8 to show that really only  needed a card base cut for them from coloured card stock as the scalloped cards were a tad too small for them to fit onto. Hence me having 2 scalloped cards left over to go with the left over tree shapes above. 
This one has a red card base and the one below is an orange base to pick out the colour of the duffle coat the girl pulling the sled is wearing. 

Apologies  Kate for being so  late. I'm off now to bake the cake I should have made yesterday and send the recipe to Miss Di who is waiting patiently to receive once I have tried and tested it out. 

Good news is I have managed this months quota of cards and still have 2 days left in which to make my Rudolph card depicting the 3rd Day of Christmas. I need to round the 3 french  hens up who are busy gobbling up the bird seed put out for the  birds. Mrs Magpie was spotted this morning in the garden looking very egg bound. 
Keep well.
Just because restrictions have been lifted it is still not safe out there.
Remember tiny steps and see how it goes. 


Zoe Tant said...

OMG you were on a roll with this theme Valery Anne and what a fab selection of tree cards. Seems we had similar thoughts for the punch art tree. Somewhere I think I have a mini tree punch so might have to try your version. Have a great week Zoe x

Margreet said...

Love how you played with the Christmas trees!
xxx Margreet

Sue said...

Absolutely gorgeous cards Mrs A!!! you were on a roll lol hugs Sue x

crafty-stamper said...

OMG I was stressed out just reading this and how you had the patience with all those little trees!!!Mind you the results were worth it and love the shaker one -I have just made a fruit loaf and a doz buns although this morning coughed and sneezed at the same time and hurt the ribs I fractured then all the mixing hasn't helped either.Just got our app for 2nd jab on the 9th April
Carol x

cuilliesocks said...

Oh my goodness Valery, your life is certainly not dull, I hope the stresses have balanced themselves out by now.
You've certainly been on a roll here, and each card is absolutely amazing, you must have some amount of patience to create with all those tiny trees, but so worth the effort. I love your two more traditional cards, glad you got there in the end, keep safe, Kate x

Jackie T said...

Hi Mrs A all your cards are gorgeous. You have been very busy. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Suze said...

You must have tons of patience Mrs A. I think I would have given up on those little trees way before I got to six cards. They are all lovely though and definitely worth the effort you put into them. Great to recycle another two card fronts as well. Well done on continuing to meet your target. Looking forward to seeing the third day of Christmas once you round up those French Hens.

Kathleen said...

My words, what a great collection, once you get going there is no stopping you. A great use of the little mirri trees, super designs. Lovely scenic cards too.

Kath x

Donna said...

These are all so gorgeous, like those tiny shiny trees! Great ideas!

aussie aNNie said...

Gorgeous cards, love the shimmer and shine. xx

Freubelmina said...

How well you thought up these cards and made them so beautifully Mrs.
I think the tiny trees are so sweet!
These are a lot of them for stock, handy!
In the Netherlands we are in a 3rd wave and we are not allowed to do much ... we even have a curfew.
Have a nice day and lots of love xxx

LesleyG said...

Good grief, that is true crafters dedication to using every scrap! It did make me chuckle, especially the one tree on the floor! Of course I would NEVER do that! Hahahahah. Well done for a fabulous batch of cards and for making us smile xxx

brenda said...

What a super collection today and a bit of sparkle as well.

With you on the note at the bottom, I rather fear many will not heed caution, but here things will carry on much as they have for the past year.

B x

Valerija said...

Such gorgeous cards. Love them all!
Valerija xx

Aquarius said...

Wow, what an amazing collection of trees made from trees and what patience in assembling them all. Great work and well done for meeting your quota with time to spare.

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Wow! Thanks so much for all those inspirations with the little trees! Any card with them is just gorgeous and so unusual! Also the cards 7 and 8 are very pretty

cotnob said...

A super collection of Christmas cards, you have certainly managed to use all of those fabulous little Christmas trees to create some fabulous cards, you must have lots of patience.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Di said...

Waiting for the recipe still :) Joke. What a glorious selection of Christmas cards and I'm even more convinced we're twins separated at birth! On my desk I have my little Christmas tree punch - waiting for me to make a few Christmas tree cards very like yours! I featured one such similar card in my picks here just a couple of weeks ago, made by Carol L, here:

Mind you, having the trees ready cut is a great start. Well done on being so ahead with your card numbers too - 39, crumbs!


Di xx

Viv said...

Fab cards Mrs A - and such patience with those pesky tiny trees!

Donna Ellis said...

WOWOW! ValeryAnne, you have blown me away with the imaginative use of all your tiny, sparkling Christmas trees! EVERY ONE OF THEM IS PURE GENIUS! Loving the shaker card (I never seem to remember to make a shaker card). Your precolored images also look amazing. It reminds me that I have saved several pretty "store-bought" friends have sent, strictly for the purpose of upcycling them. Thank you for the inspiration! hugs, de

Brenda in IN said...

You are just brilliant at using what you have. Those tiny trees made gorgeous cards. That was a wonderful way to use those trees. The card fronts look so pretty mounted on colored c/s. I'm sure glad you were able to get these posted.

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Wow you must have had the patients of a saint to stick all those little trees onto cards Valery Anne, but well worth it they look fabulous. I love the recycled ones too.

Sue xx

Mac Mable said...

Those little trees look fabulous, great patience and what fabulous cards Mrs A. x.

Sally H said...

Oh my! What wonderful cards! I love them all, but the little trees are just genius!!!! Absolutely fantastic, even if they did test your patience rather. Well done!

Sandra H said...

Wow.....absolutely fabulous cards and how many 🌲??? totally stunning they all are lots added to your list xx

AlisonC said...

These are great ideas but I can see why you would never want to see another tiny Christmas tree! I'm impressed that they are all different. x

Christine Harrop said...

Oh my word ValeryAnn you must have the patience of a saint! Fantastic array of cards. I'm sorry I'm so late in visiting;I'm not sure how I missed your post but I'm here now - only a week late ... lol! Hugs Christine xx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A great set of cards again Mrs A, you certainly mean business this year with your Christmas card making. Sorry I haven't visited before now either, I must have missed your post on my feed somehow. I haven't been on blogger much lately either, my time has been taken up trying to organise the two farmers markets that I run which can restart at the end of this month - it's like starting from square one, goodness knows what it's like for some of the business owners getting their businesses up and running again, I don't envy them at all.
Take care,

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great collection xXx

Merry said...

What a wonderful way to use all those foil christmas trees. Wish I had thought of that before I passed all mine on. :-)