Friday, May 18, 2018

Ten Green Bottles +0ne

It was The Docs birthday last week and this is the card I made for him. The stamps were free in a Creative Stamping  Magazine and are by Clear Impressions. I wanted to do a row of bottles so I stamped out the image 10 times and then fussy cut just the bottle out. Coloured with my pro markers and then glued to the front of the card adding shading around each of the bottles. Stamped the vine leaves and the sentiment onto the white card and then used my Xcut  chomper to round the edges off.
Matted onto green cardstock and rounded the edges again.  I used white cardstock to make the base card and adhered to the front of the card.

  I then stamped the complete image onto more of the green card and placed inside the card to write my message along side it.
I wish I was making the rest of this up but I'm truly not. I'm under attack from all angles.

I have had more trauma this past week with the same account being hacked again. 3 times is a hack too far so I phoned the company and told them to close my account with them as whoever was doing it was not going to stop. I'd had the account with them since 2003 and used it a lot for online shopping but my sanity (what is left of it) is more important than being able to shop on line.Company concerned said the hack was done away from their web sites, my computer keeps coming back squeaky clean. Passwords have been changed so don't know how they are doing it.
Then I got bitten in the garden by a Tick. The little blighter was hanging on for dear life and having a good feed. Didn't realise what it was to start with until later in the evening when my arm was itchy and a red patch with a brown blob in it began to throb. Under a magnifier glass you could see its little legs waving around in the air. The Doc managed to get it out with tweezers  and it made a popping sound as it lost its grip on me! So one phone call to the surgery in the morning and I was given a prescription for precautionary antibiotics to start taking if a bulls eye  ring around the bite appeared as this is a sign of Lymes Desease . (Nearly gave myself a heart attack looking at the pictures on line.)
Sat in the garden later on in the day with The Doc waiting  for the chemists to open so I could pick up the pills when I noticed a blob on The Docs leg and on inquiring  he said " oh its just a blood blister" so I sent him inside for the magnifying glass and yep he had one too.  Tried to pull this one out as well  but it left a bit of the head in so we both toddled off round to the surgery where the chemist confirmed a bit of the head was still there and sent him in to see the nurse who said she couldn't do anything as there was no body left to pull it out with.  We are now both on Bullseye Alert and waiting to see which of us needs the antibiotics first!!!!
 I will get round to commenting on your blogs asap.   Bugs who'd have em!!


Ella said...

Nice card but sad news ...
I hope you will not get sick!
Get well soon!

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Oh no Valery Anne poor you and Doc. I've had these tic bites before as well and had to have antibiotics too. Good thing is once you take them your fine. I can't believe that you've been hacked yet again and it does seem strange that it's the same account too.

We missed you last night but now we know why.
Hope to see you soon.

Sue xx

Kath said...

A fab card and a great stamp set. How did you notice you had been hacked again? I hope you're both okay and don't need the antibiotics.
Kath x

Viv said...

Oh my goodness what a time you are having. Hoping the antibiotics are not needed and if they are hope the work fast!
Lovely card for the Doc. Take care BOTH of you!

Brenda in IN said...

Oh Valery, I'm sending you good, healthy thoughts. They are saying in the States the ticks will be worse than ever this year. Keep a close eye on both of you. Happy Birthday to Doc and I'm sure he loved your cute card. I can't imagine being hacked so many times. I hope this is sorted out soon for you. Hang in there.

Jackie T said...

Oh boy Mrs A you are really going through it at the moment. I do hope the antibiotics are not needed. The card you made for your hubby is gorgeous. I hope you have a good weekend. Take care. Hugs Jackie

terrie said...

Such a fun card....tfs
Those TICKS are just awful....I was told where we are seasonal camper that the campground are already having a problem with the TICKS especially on the dogs...
Please take of yourself and on watch for those little bugers.

Darnell said...

The way things are going, Anne, you are going to need more than ten bottles! Goodness, bugs in your computer and bugs upon your bodies is just too much for anyone's sanity! I pray you both are Lyme-free!! Hugs, Darnell

cuilliesocks said...

Oh dear me Valery, what a time you'er having, I really feel for you.
How strange that you are still being hacked, especially as you've taken all the necessary precautions to end it all. I hope you get it solved.
As for the ticks, awful blighters, Alistair comes home from the hills with a load of them and them I'm on tick patrol, as they get into places he can't reach. I won't mention where. It's my belief that all these bug are more prevalent now for some reason. Hope you will be ok once you start with the antibiotics.
Your card for the Doc is brilliant, makes a perfect man card, take care, Kate x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Also here there are a lot of ticks, hope that you and hubby are safe from Lymes Desease!!! I hope the antibiotics make their work well!
Love how you used that stamp, I have it too. Beautiful card for the Doc!

Anne said...

oh no what a week you've had, again!
We were always told to smother them in cream to suffocate them and then pull them out when they were dead and had lost their grip on you... sounds horrific doesn't it!
Love your card, great design

Anne x

Kathleen said...

Og Gosh Valerie you are certainly having your share of bad luck, very strange though how this has only happened since you got your new computer. Sincererly hope neither of you get the bullseyes.
Knowing your luck one of those 10 green bottle will accidentally fall and you'll have only 9 green bottles standing on the wall... I won't go on.
Really lovely card and a super design.

Kath x

Mac Mable said...

How unlucky are you with the hacking? And unlucky with these bits...Hope nothing develops from them x What a classy and unique card, perfect for the gentleman in your life x

Karenladd said...

Oh, I am so sorry that you continued to have problems with the hacking! That happened to me with two of my credit cards one year and it was such a chore to cancel everything and switch over all my automatic payments. Fortunately, I've not had problems for over three years...knock on wood. Then your tick bites tossed into the mix, oh my. I've only been bitten by a tick once, when I was in college and doing a lot of camping and hiking. However, I have two friends who ended up with lyme disease, and that is no joke. Hoping for the best for you..and that those ticks didn't carry any nasty bugs.

Your lovely aged-wine card, however, is nothing but a true winner! Love how you did all that masking and even stamped inside the card.

Createology said...

Healing Energy for you and the Birthday Boy. No fun to get bitten by ticks. And having your account hacked is worse news. Feeling violated and worried is not a good feeling...ever! May you be free of hackers and ticks. Lovely card you created wih all the fussy cutting. <3

rachel said...

Oh Valery - what a tale! My word! Hope neither of you needs the antibiotics! Great card though! Well done you! Hugs rachel x

Kathleen said...

Hi Valerie,
For some unknown reason the server was down yesterday so that is probably why your mail was sent back.
But I do have another e-mail addy which is what I really use more these days and it is...

Is it still Create and Craft?

Kath xx

Megan J said...

Hi Mrs. A, sounds like you have been having a right time of things, fingers crossed that you and Doc don't get hit with any bullseye marks courtesy of the ticks. Birthday wishes to Doc, love his card with all those bottles, I hope he got treated to a real bottle also. Have a wonderful week.. Megan