Thursday, December 21, 2017


The discerning amongst you may well have noticed that this year  L'th is sporting two tassels/braids in his hat. Apparently, according to the letter (from Santa himself) that came in the box with L'th from the North Pole says that these represent 2yrs of intensive training in Elf School and that he now knows all the rules and regulations that he must abide by to be a good and helpful Elf!

He seems to be mightily proud of these braids/ropes and it is completely lost on him that he is the only  Elf  ever in the history of the North Pole (and we all now how long Santa and his team of trustworthy elves have been in existence don't we)  to have had to go back to finishing school for another year.

You also may have noticed that 'Elf Boss' is not here this year. He decided he was too old for gallivanting  around the world and elected instead to stay at the North Pole and man the switch board.
One of his daily tasks is to Skype 'L'th' on a daily basis and receive a progress report to pass back to Santa.

Having listened into today's  message me thinks L'th is being a tad resourceful in relating what he has  actually been up to!!!



Jackie T said...

Hi Mrs A thank you for that I had no idea. Happy Christmas. Hugs Jackie

cuilliesocks said...

Well my goodness one learns something new everyday, good job Boss Elf is keeping an eye on him.
Have a wonderful Christmas Valery, Kate x

Jane said...

Ha ha....what a great read, Boss Elf really is looking his age bless him! Merry Christmas xx

AlisonC said...

Do you mean he is not being a good and helpful Elf? I am very surprised as he looks like a little angel. x

Julia said...

Me thinks he is having too much fun :0) Happy Christmas Valery xx

Kathleen said...

Well at least he is a tryer and everyone loves a tryer, (or should that be trier) we all remember how mischievous Boss Elf was, so you should thank yourselves lucky that L'th is not up to scratch, pity though.

Kath x

Sandra H said...'a the fashion!! take care sending lots of christmas wishes xx

Cara said...

Well, you have to put a good spin on things!

KandA said...

Oh Mrs A, I bet you're relieved that 'Elf Boss' didn't come to stay. Maybe the custard tarts and liquind refreshments will be safe this year! Hope you have a wonderful 'elf-less' christmas xx

Mrs.B said...

A great Christmas post Mrs A.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas,
Avril xx

Barb said...

Well he tries hard and who wouldn't love that dear face. A super Christmas post Mrs. A. Have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to visiting again in the new year. Barbxx

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Oh, well!! Great notice that Elf Boss stay at North Pole this Year!! :)
And L'th two tassels look so lovely on his hat, surely he is learning so much in these years of school... Perhaps he will become a good elf :D
Hugs and have a magical Merry Christmas!