Thursday, June 15, 2017

Just to tell You

Just a quick post to give you the heads up that Faye(Fluff) is back on the old goggle box tomorrow.
Hochanda channel at 11am showing off her incredible colouring skills using a new medium.
Hope you can set your recorders up or watch live.  I will be cos I know what is coming up.
Prepare to be amazed!!

All  a bit nuts here at home. We got the internet back up and running  and then put a load in the washing machine only for it to decide to bite the dust.  Repair man came out yesterday but the cost of installing a new control board into it plus the configuring said board + call out charge would have been more than a new machine so long and short of it is a new one is on its way and being installed on Monday. The old one was 12yrs old so it had done it's working life .

So what's a girl to do? If ? If I can't wash then I I can't iron. I know ?I will craft instead!!!


Margreet said...

Thanks for letting me know about Fay...have fun crafting! Did you see my blogpost of 12-06?
xxx Margreet

Mac Mable said...

Sorry about teh machine but hey every cloud...enjoy the crafting x

Di said...

I'll be watching Faye for sure! And am busy ironing right now - just taking a 10 minute break to rest me back, so do feel free to come and help. Thought not!

BTW, I don't think your washing machine really owes you a bean :) Correction - I thought you said 22 years not 12! 12 is still good going and although ours is still trundling away we keep saying we ought to change it before it becomes an emergency!


Di xx

Aquarius said...

Had to smile at your comment re washing machine and an excuse to craft - a woman after my own heart!! If you investigate those 3d folders you might just find you NEED at least one of them (fortunately for me there are only 4 to choose from)

Jackie T said...

Hi Mrs A thank you for letting us know. Enjoy your new washing machine when is comes. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Cara said...

I like your plan! Will try and watch tomorrow x

cuilliesocks said...

Thanks for the heads up Valery, Faye's colouring skills are amazing. Kate x

Jenny L said...

Hi Mrs A,
thank you for letting us know must not miss that.
Yes Simples just craft. LOL. except tomorrow at 11 am.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

AlisonC said...

I'll try and catch that. It's too hot for me to be out just now (I burn) so when I've run round with the vacuum I'll have a look. Fingers crossed everything works chez vous now. x

Highland Monkey's said...

Ironing....what's that then, no washing, crafting is a better alternative haha!! xx

Sue said...

I loved watching Faye at Doncaster Mrs A..she is really talented and so friendly and lovely just like her Mum...I got 13 years out of my washing machine before it gave up so can't complain at all..lots of huggles Sue xx