Sunday, May 08, 2016

Anniversary Cards

Firstly let me thank you for all your well wishes. This Flu virus has completely knocked the stuffing out of us. I have not been in my craft room now for nearly 3 weeks so I'm going  to have to rely heavily on cards that I have previously not shown. until I can get back  into the swing of making and creating again..  Mojo packed her bags and deserted like a rat leaving a sinking ship and not to be seen anytime again soon. Fortunately I do have quite a few swap items I have never shown. 
These first two however are for family anniversary cards both made for the end of April. Both Daughter and Son decided to get married at the end of April.  We had brilliant sunshine for Fluffs day and hail and rain for little boys and they were only 4 days apart albeit  8 years in between. 

First up is the card I  made for Fluff and SIL. Twleve years according to the World Wide Web is 

I used satin seam bindng to make the woven background and for the flower. The yellow check card base is one of the Doc's recycled custard tart boxes and the yellow card is also from a recycled packaging. I created the wording on the computer and the square gems were from my stash.  Numbers were black metalic that I also found in my stash. 

Little boy and DIL celebrated 4 days later with 4 years that  is linen. I had this linen ribbon  that I had bought specially for the occasion. The beige card is linen look effect card. The green desigin paper  heart doily and rose wooden embellishment were from my stash along with the pearls. Woridng computer generated.

Will be around your blogs and back to commenting .s.a.p. 

Virtual Hugs Mrs A. 


  1. So sorry to hear you both are still poorly, but just rest & wait for time to restore your energy levels. You had 2 very pretty cards to share. Each one is beautiful, with the fresh green & yellow & gorgeous satin, but also loved the tiny hearts paper & design in #2. These kids are lucky to have a Mom who can make such beautiful cards. Hugs!

  2. Goodness Mrs.A I am so sorry to hear that you are both still unwell. This nasty bug is certainly hanging on.

    They are two lovely cards. That rose ribbon is so pretty and I love the weaving on the first. Great recycling too. Barbxx

  3. Sorry for the Flu! I wish you a quick good healt, Mrs. A! And mojo will surely come back with your forces!
    Great recycling on your first card! The satin seam binding look great on the back and the flower! And the linen makes the second card so shabby! Very sweet!

  4. Hello Valery, awful how long this virus has pulled you down,I do hope you pick up soon.
    Two beautiful cards and I'm sure that they will both be loved Kate x

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  6. Aww so sorry you're so poorly! Big hugs! My mojo goes when I'm very poorly too, especially if unable to craft for ages! You'll get it back when you're able to get back into it! Just relax and get better!
    Both beautiful cards! Love the layouts
    Lucy x

  7. Hope you'lll soon be fully recovered. Three weeks is a long time to be out of action. The flu virus seems to be hitting lots of people this year. I had it last weekend, but fortunately it only lasted a few days, apart from a cough at night time, which I'm still trying to shake off.

    Two beautiful cards - how clever to tie in with Satin and Linen. xx

  8. Gorgeous cards Mrs A and sad to hear your not quite back on your feet yet..take it easy we will be here waiting for you ..lots of huggles Sue xx

  9. Two absolutely gorgeous cards! So sorry you are still feeling poorly - I really hope you get better soon! Take care of yourself! xxx

  10. Pleased to hear you are on the mend Valery, but judging by hubby and myself you still need to take it easy as it really does hang in there.

    With that in mind I would urge against even thinking of painting the diving board. Promise we will be careful newting, don't worry about the Palmate Newts as there are plenty of Great Crested that we can concentrate on.

    Nearly forgot, two great cards and lovely the ribbon weaving.

    B x

  11. Your cards are beautiful Valery Anne ! I do hope you will feel better soon ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  12. Sorry to hear about your FLU and the disappeared Mojo....but he will surely return. Your cards for both briding couples are gorgeous! Hope wyou will feel better soon!
    xxx Margreet

  13. So sorry to hear you are still ill - I wish you good recovery ...
    And your both cards are so lovely - I love the symbolic meaning so much ...

  14. I love your cards ! I also hope you will feel better quick !

  15. Lovely cards Valery Anne.
    Hugs Veerle

  16. Two super anniversary cards. All our family anniversaries are in October. Parents are the first, my sister is 19th and mine is 20th. Ours was supposed to be 6th, but Hubby's Dad passed away about 2 weeks before the wedding, so we put it back. Fortunately we only had a very small wedding 5 guests and Hubby wasn't close to his Dad, but it means we all meet up to celebrate in October. Gosh, I waffled on then! Take care of yourself and don't over do it. No need to comment. Hugs, Cara x

  17. Gorgeous anniversary cards. I hope you are back to feeling like yourself soon, miss you but take your time getting back in the swing of things. Hugs, Donna

  18. Great cards as ever, I'm sure you'll get back into the swing but make sure you rest properly first. I tell my husband off if he gets ill at the same time as me, I want someone to look after me! Lol

  19. Your cards are just lovely. You have really been wiped out by this flu. Take your time and rest and be sure it is gone before you overdo. Sending you hugs.

  20. Hi Mrs A,
    so sorry to hear you are still not A1.
    I do hope you are both feeling better very soon.
    Beautiful cards, and what good use of the custard tarts boxes too on the first.
    The ribbon weaving is excellent also.
    Your second card is also very super too and a wonderful design, and super papers used.
    I know what you mean about the weather at weddings as my Granddaughter got married in the middle of July, and the weather was like a winters day rained cats and dogs all day, and was so dull as well as cold.
    You don't expect that from July do you.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  21. Oh dear, I hope you are feeling better soon and back to creating those beautiful cards of yours!

  22. Beautiful cards and love the weaving on the first card. Hope that mojo finds its way back to you.


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