Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Hacked off!!

Well the hackers have decided they rather like my email account and are staying put for the time being. Didn't know I was so popular!!!!!
Until such times as they have be ousted for good I shall be on my other email account and using my IPad. 
Hacked off Mrs A. 


Sandra H said...

Oh it's so annoying glad you have another one to use Mrs A xx

Hettie said...

Now you know why I no longer use my yahoo account!! I was hacked twice in 48 hours!!

Di said...

Just so long as they don't hijack yer blog Mrs A!

Hugs, Di xx

Bonnie said...

Love the card and isn't that the truth! Hope you can get your computer back from the hackers. Isn't it shame that people don't have enough to do that they have to cause chaos?