Friday, June 01, 2012


Two quick cards using up those odd bits of cardstock that get left over when you make a 6" square card from a 12" x 9"sheet.! I have had this  cat stamp for a while. It is an Inca stamp called Cat Blocks. I saw it on a fellow bloggers site and just had to get it. The stamp is in a block of 9 little cats which you could stamp out in one shot onto a card but I thought they look quite cute in blocks of two's and singles. These are using up all snippets from my folder which is getting fatter by the day.

Ribbons and the buttons are from my stash. The sentiments are printed out from word.
There is a tail tale to the ribbons.
 A long time ago I used to breed and show persians and whilst the prizes that you got were  not of  high monetary value  you did get  lots of rosettes for winning  1st, 2nd, 3rd  and Best of Breed etc. After a decade of showing I had accumulated a lot of them. Too many to put up on the wall (which I did do  in the dinning room) so the rest  were just collecting dust in boxes. When we redecorated the dinning room a few years ago the rest came down and as I was no longer showing I decided to put the rosettes to good use hence my rather hefty stash of 4" and 6" bits of ribbon. It took me absolutely ages to cut the rosettes up and I even found a use for the round discs in the centre. They were used up as the bases for flower brooches which I made a lot of.

The basecard for this one is actually green but is looking rather pale in the photo.
As they both made completely from snippets I am entering them in 
Pixies Crafty  Workshop.


  1. Brilliant cards Mrs A - and great way to use up snippets, and the ribbons too. Super stamp you've got there Mrs :)

    Grinning about your snippets mountain growing - mine too!!

    Have a great weekend and thank for coming to play! You linked just fine honey, my gripe was with someone who just wasn't even prepared to make the effort for some odd reason. You're always a trier - or should we say 'trying', so no lines or ducking stool.

    Snort, snort :)

    Di xx

  2. Good afternoon Mrs A.......PERFECT!! Both are stunning have a great day and thank you for your comments:)x

  3. This is so so adorable Mrs A ! I love the stamped images, they are so cool ! Have a great week-end Sweetie ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  4. What a purr....fect fun cards....Have a wonderful weekend!
    xxx Margreet

  5. Cute, cute, cute! I love being able to use scraps like this. Those certainly are sweet stamps..... can I resist looking them up too!

  6. Now that is what I call recycling, it is true we crafters will repurpose stuff others throw away. Love the cat cards too. Hugs,Amanda x

  7. I"ve got the dog version of this stamp. Great use by cutting up the images.
    Were you a bit sad to cut up those rosettes, great recycling but what abot the recognition of all your hard work.

  8. Such fun cards Mrs A and so perfectly designed. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :) Donna ♥ x

  9. Terrific! Love your inchies and a great way to use up those snippets xxx

  10. Hello!

    I love these little cat images - what company is the stamp? Wishing you a cozy, comfortable, take it easy kind of SUNDAY! :<)


    Barbara Diane

  11. Super kitty cards, Mrs A! Purrfect! Hugs, Lesley

  12. Two brilliant and fun cards.

  13. Brilliant snippet cards - just purr-fect :) Elizabeth x

  14. Oh what fun cards Mrs A. I love the design and those stamps are just to cute.


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