Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm not a Happy Bunny.

I'm most certainly not a Happy Bunny. Why?
Iv'e got enough worms in my computer to start a wormery!!
Mr IT specialist is coming at 9am tomorrow to take it away and thoroughly debug it by running the hard drive through another computer with a special programe to clean it. 'The Doc' said he would probably bring it back as just an empty casing and tell me he had fixed the bugs ok!!!!
In the mean time I have moved over to the 'Dark Side' and am across the landing in the Doc's control centre on his spanking brand new one until mine is up and running (or dead and buried which ever the case may be).
Flickr is not in my good books. I have just received notification from them that I have hit the limit of my free account namely 200 photos!!!!!! Flickr will only display the most recent 200 items. Anything beyond 200 is hidden until I either delete new items or Upgrade to a pro account at a cost per year of $24.95 .Now as I can't afford that and don't want to delete old stuff because it has comments attached to most of my photos and new photos are needed to be posted each week for an art course I'm part way through, I'm well and truly stuffed.
Thanks Flickr.
I'm going to schedule a few posts now whilst I still have access to my photos. Normal services will be resumed as soon as possible and I will comment on your blogs as much as I can.
Off to get a large drinkies now!


Wipso said...

Good luck with the computer. We depend so much on all this modern techy stuff don't we? It's like having your right arm chopped off when it's playing up.
Fingers crossed here for you.
A x

Ali said...

Technology is wonderful until it decides to throw a curve ball! Hope you get it all sorted out soon - I had to recover files from a corrupt laptop on memory sticks to get everything onto a new one which took forever!

I have now got an external hard drive and back everything up regularly (just incase!)

Good luck
Ali x

Margreet said...

Good luck Mrs. A...hope you get your computer back the way you like it....we are disabled without them!
xxx Margreet

Catherine said...

I do hope your computer will soon be back and running ! I could not do without mine... Hope you will have a great week-end, with or without PC ! Hugs x

Sherry Edwards said...

It's lucky Doc's control centre is at your disposal at least. Hope you get your own one back sorted and de-wormed!

I've just renewed my Flickr pro account, but did have to think twice as I'm not putting much on there at the moment and it seems a waste of money.

Terry Oulboub said...

I hope you have better luck with your pc this time around, Mrs. A. You might have to get another "specialist" - LOL! I really hate pc problems - I'm like, fix it and be done. But you know how it is in the virtual world - all kinds of garbage floating out there. I am just loving your paintings. You're amazing. You do everything perfectly. I love monkey painting the banana - great job! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! :-)

Jo said...

Not good :(
hope the IT man has it fixed for you soon.

Jo xx

Karen McAlpine said...

I did not know that about Flicker. Aren't they sneaky?! I too get very tired of having to deal with all the viruses people send out. You would think they could find something better to do. Hope you problems are soon remedied. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Susan Allan said...

Oh Val, I'm so sorry you are having such infuriating difficulties. Sorry you are not a happy bunny!

Thanks for the warning about flicker anyway.
how are you getting on with the course? I was a bit deflated after my camping trip and have somewhat lost the plot.
Keep that chin up.
Sue xx