Sunday, July 10, 2011

From Start to Finish.

My third oil painting. 'Church on The Beach' I thought it would be good to take photos of it as I went along.
This is actually stage 2 as my computer deleted the first set of pictures I had taken.

Stage 3.
The church and buildings are now completed and so far have taken 4 arts lesson to do.

Stage 4.
Finally finished last Thursday. There are supposed to be two people walking towards the church but I told my art teacher that my painting was done before they arrived!!!!!!! Chicken or what!

I'm really quite pleased with the end result. Have started the next one already which is 'Flying Ducks'. Watch this space!!
Speaking of ducks, I seem to have taken to this painting malarky like a duck to water (ouch) so much so that I'm off to do a one day painting with water colours class. Cistern chapel here I come.


Susan said...

Wow! That is just beautiful... you sure are one cleverly talented lady!
Susan xxox

Margreet said...

Wow Mrs. are such a versatile artist...beautiful this in your neigbourhood?
xxx Margreet

Ali said...

Oh that is lovely - hmm flying ducks what like on Hilda Ogdens wall??? cant wait to see ;-) xx

Catherine said...

This is such a beautiful painting ! I love the colours... Can't wait to see the next one ! Hugs x

Ali said...

Great to see the stage by stage progression and a lovely finished piece (perhaps the two people already went in the church!)

Ali x

Sandra said...

These are great! l think you have done a fabulous job you should be pleases they really are:) Sandra H

Sherry Edwards said...

You're a natural! It's great seeing the different stages and the painting really coming to life.

I was thinking Hilda Ogden too!!!

artydoll said...

Thats a lovely oil painting,I never could get the hang of oil painting ,couldnt stand the smell of the thinners,lol
I used to paint water colours,mostly seascapes or landscapes.I also used to chicken out at figures

Leanne said...

Beautiful! You are very talented indeed!

Faye said...

This is a fantastic painting. Well done you. Proud of you. :) Hope you enjoy your course. xxx

The Doc said...

Mrs A. has no problem with the smell of thinners in fact she told me it tastes pretty good too!
That reminds me I need more of that to prescribe to my next patient as I have run out of White Lightning cider !!

Jo said...

LOL @ The Doc!
Mrs A, you are one of the most talented & creative people I have the pleasure of knowing

Jo xx

Grenouille Greetings said...

Wow, Mrs. A! I see there is no limit to your talents! What a fabulous painting! Stunning! Hugs, Lesley